Wednesday, 2022-08-24

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KabouikThanks for the explanation Thaodan. Hopefully I'll get used to it!03:17
KabouikI haven't found how to tag multiple commits with the same tag but I didn't look much yet.03:17
ThaodanKabouik: Why would you want to do that?08:04
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KabouikThaodan I'm trying to add a feature which, to me, would deserve a new tag, but it's devel so there are several iterations before I get what I want, and I would have wanted all these iterations to be called 0.7+githash by OBS.12:51
KabouikBut I assume this is not the way tags should be used12:51
ThaodanKabouik: It is not.13:32
ThaodanYou should edit the service file manually13:32
Thaodanif you are using webhook you can tag different version of that change in a feature branch13:32
ThaodanE.g. have a webhook that listens to branch  feature-foobar and then create tag like 1.0+feature-fobar<change number>13:33
KabouikProbably I do edit the service file manually when I want to rebuild. But let's say I tagged commit aaa as 0.7, then find a bug, fix it (or so do I think), commit, change the hash in _service and rebuild, that build will be back to 0.6 instead of 0.7. 0.6 is the last release I made, maybe it uses that as default?13:36
KabouikThe only way I found for the rpm with commit bbb in it to be called 0.7 is to delete tag 0.7 from local and remote, tag commit bbb, and repush tags.13:37
ThaodanKabouik: If you just use tar_git you always have to manually edit13:48
Thaodanwith webhooks the webhook will do that for you13:49
ThaodanIf you create a new tag it updates to the latest tagged ref.13:49
KabouikI use tar_git yes, I'm happy with manually editing. My issue is more about which tag name tar_git picks for commits later than the latest tag. Somehow it always go back to 0.6 instead of 0.7 (my latest tag), which perhaps is due to my latest release being 0.6.13:50
ThaodanIt doesn't pick any tag that you haven't set in revision.13:51
ThaodanE.g. see line 9 in my _service file here
Kabouik revision is my commit hash here. But for this to be named harbour-containers-0.7-*.rpm, I had to delete my previous 0.7 tag which was assigned to an earlier commit, so that I could use it on that commit instead. Which adds like 3 or 4 git commands every time. I'm probably missing something. I would want later commits to inherit13:53
Kabouikthe tag of previous commits, unless assigned to a new tag.13:53
KabouikI already have that in line 6 in mine13:53
ThaodanYou can also see the webhook in place here were you can forget about trigering builds manually13:53
ThaodanIt takes the latest commit on that branch13:54
KabouikI have one package with a webhook, but I don't want that here. I'm happy with triggering a build only when I change the hash manually in the _service. The way the resulting rpms are named is my only issue (which I work around by deleting tag from previous commit, and reassigning it to new commit).13:54
Thaodanif you have a feature branc don't tag a new version since it still just development13:55
KabouikBut if I don't it automatically gets named 0.6, which is misleading. Not sure why it does that.13:55

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