Saturday, 2022-08-27

riniguslbt and Keto: sorry for breaking the news (not the best way to start weekend): looks like we have storage shortage at OBS06:36
riniguslooks like triggering rebuild "fixed" it09:03
Kabouikrinigus did you ever encounter an issue with your fork of qxcompositor for Flatpak whereby some parts of the view would still show the ambience?09:54
KabouikI'm getting this problem with upstream qxcompositor from elros: it works well to show a LXC container but some windows or UI elements are "transparent" and show the ambience: i3bar, black bars around a video, video itself (but not after I uncomment this:
KabouikWe've tried a few things with him but no luck so far, I only managed to make it worse by making the whole display be transparent instead of just parts of it :p09:57
rinigusKabouik: flatpak runner is quite dead - I am not using it anymore (aarch64 broken). we use similar approach on waydroid-runner, but that doesn't have such issue10:31
rinigusmaybe android is repainting it all anyway10:31
KabouikI see. Yeah I tried something I knew wouldn't work, but just had to: symlink waydroid-runner to qxcompositor and try running my LXC containers from that. Of course that was a big nope :p10:43
Kabouikwaydroid-runner is probably too far ahead and it doesn't even expect the same arguments10:43
KabouikI tested on an old device still using qxcompositor built with qtwayland-5.4 and that issue with ambience transparency is not present, so at least we know it appeared with the qtwayland-5.6 refactoring Elros did10:44
KabouikDamn, OBS is scheduling everything for me now, but not building. That will slow down my testing. :p10:46
KabouikAnyone having any success with OBS today?11:07
rinigusKabouik: yes, I had success. problem is that it is rebuilding maplibre gl library - rather huge affair and it takes some time11:29
rinigusKabouik: not sure waydroid-runner is far ahead. it is just tailored towards running android and doesn't really take same arguments11:31
KabouikUnderstood, so it's just very slow because it's queueing11:46
KabouikYeah it started to build for me too, thanks.11:46
rinigusKabouik: usually it is not that bad - just that lib is large and chum has to rebuild it for many sfos versions11:54
direc85[m]How I could compile locally using Sailfish SDK? I can't seem to get `sfdk build` working...12:03

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