Sunday, 2022-08-28

KabouikDoes `aplay -L` (from alsa-utils) always report the sound card as "default:something", on every phone? I'm trying to use that in a script, so I'd prefer avoid hardcoding the device name found on my phone03:49
Kabouikrinigus, elros found a simple fix to the Silica transparency I mentioned above with qxcompositor.04:15
KabouikHe painted everything in black, but it needed some trials and errors to first check whether the issue was due to the qtwayalnd-5.6 changes, or the refactor he did when updating, and then to place the painting function at the right place.04:16
direc85[m]Kabouik: You could also use `paplay <file>`06:45
Thaodandirec85[m]: It should work fine.07:10
KabouikWhat file should I use with paplay Thaodan, an audio file or a device? I'm trying to get the name of the sound card in a variable.10:57
ThaodanWhy do want the name of the sound card?10:59
ThaodanThere's no direct name of a card, we some pa plugins to map the android audio routing files to pa.11:00
KabouikBecause I need to add it in /etc/pulse/ in LXC containers to get sound working in them11:02
ThaodanI would forward the sound to the container11:02
Thaodanno need to configure pa there11:03
KabouikIf the name always start with "default:" like on my phone, I can get that fine with grep, but I'm not sure it is the same on other phones11:03
KabouikThis is the only way I found: Maybe I missed something obvious?11:03
KabouikOh wait, maybe just mounting /dev/snd is enough11:06
KabouikIt might indeed.11:06
ThaodanI don't get why would you alsa there. Yes the card name changes, e.g. you can see that on the udev rule to ignore the first card that has to be renamed for each board.11:07
ThaodanI wouldn't want to bind the sound card in the container11:07
KabouikI just tried without the alsa thing and you're right, it works; I just followed the guide with zeal but that last step is not necessary.11:07
ThaodanKabouik: You can forward the pa socket from the host11:08
Thaodanthen clients in the container can connect to the host11:08
KabouikThat is what is done with this, no? `lxc.cgroup.devices.allow = c 116:* rwm` and `xc.mount.entry = /dev/snd dev/snd none bind,optional,create=dir`h11:09
Thaodanthat's not good11:09
KabouikI just do that on SFOS side in the container config file11:09
Thaodane.g. read this
Thaodanit explains how to forward pa to the container11:10
Thaodanno need to use the card directly11:10
Thaodanalso pa doesn't like others connecting to the card]11:10
KabouikI'm probably missing something or doing it wrong but that doesn't work for me; I'm sure it's just me failing to interpret the instructions11:24
KabouikI think I got it11:26
KabouikI am not sure I understand the fundamental difference compared to the previous thing I did with mounting the soundcard directly with /dev/snd because I didn't encounter issues with that, but I fully trust you that this approach with mounting pusle configuration files and socket instead is better 👍11:27
piggz[m]<Kabouik> "" <- So, can issue be closed, as not port related, but just lxc config issue?11:39
piggz[m]Sry for being quiet, at a festival this weekend :)11:40
KabouikNot yet I think piggz[m], the keyboard part is port-related11:40
KabouikEnjoy the festival!11:41
piggz[m]Ill enjoy a shower tomorrow 😂11:41
piggz[m]Kabouik: Does key event work in droidian? They have some extra patches for that key11:43
KabouikA festival shouldn't stop you piggz:
KabouikI'll have to try, harbour-containers has been eating all my free time lately but I think I'm close to a release11:44
piggz[m]Kabouik: Ha11:45
poetasterpiggz[m], did one day of festival with the kids yesterday ... headliners
poetaster(siegfried and joy, magicians)13:43
KabouikIn the end what I think worked with just mounting /etc/alsa, /usr/share/alsa and /run/user/100000/pulse into the container does not work Thaodan. I think I must have had some remnants of my previous changes in the container that made me think it worked, but it doesn't in new containers.13:46
norayris there a way to extract jolla-notes content as text files?15:24
attahDepends a bit on what you want to do... but sharing them (by email for example) is one option15:25
norayrhmmmm, thank you. just i need to do it one by one then. i wonder if it's possible to extract em all, maybe via script.15:25
attahIt is entirely possible to query the database too for bulk export... but i don't recall seeing a script for it recently15:26
norayreh, thank you!15:26
attahSo you do the trade-off that suits you15:26
norayris it documented somewhere? how to connect to db? is it just a sqlight?15:27
attahHmm, just checked an old backup, the supposed database is very editor friendly15:27
norayroh that sounds good.15:27
norayryou mean sql editor?15:27
norayror just text editor?15:28
attahno, just regular text editor15:28
attahHmm, maybe it is not in fact a database in the backup, but a sequence of commands that would make one15:28
norayr oh15:28
norayri am trying to initiate backup, and i have no 'memory card' with me.15:31
norayrit shows me several 'memory cards', i see one of those is root, another is boot.15:32
norayrby the size15:32
norayrand other two don't have size at all.15:32
norayrif i choose either one, it sais that the memory card is not writable.15:32
norayrisn't there a way to initiate a backup to /tmp ?15:32
attahNah, then you are probably better of querying the database15:34
attahAnd by now you could have easily sent 20-30 notes by email15:34
norayr290 notes...15:34
norayrtrying this:
attahsimply ".dump" seems to produce more or less the same result as in the backup15:38
norayrthis is a solution (didn't see your message, just came back): sqlite3 <file>.sqlite "select * from notes;" > notes.txt15:46
norayrtrying dump now.15:46
norayroh yes.15:48
norayrdump is sql statements to create the db. also might be useful.15:48
norayrattah, thank you!15:48

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