Monday, 2022-08-29

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poetasterpiggz[m], not sure if you caught it: logcat for video recording
piggzpoetaster: yes, seen it thanks ... not sure what is the cause though ... will need help for mal and Thaodan!18:12
malpiggz: so much log18:31
piggzmal: what about this line18:59
piggz08-26 11:34:26.338  1132  1257 E MtkOmxVenc: [0xf4936000] MtkOmxVenc::GetExtensionIndex Unknown parameter name:
piggzand the errors around there18:59
piggzthere is also19:02
piggz08-26 11:34:26.790  1137  4105 E camiopipe: [vendor/mediatek/proprietary/hardware/mtkcam/drv/src/isp/mt6763/imageio/pipe/CamIOPipe/CamIOPipe.cpp, sendCommand, line3606] ERROR: [0x0]:NOT support command! (sendCommand){#3606:vendor/mediatek/proprietary/hardware/mtkcam/drv/src/isp/mt6763/imageio/pipe/CamIOPipe/CamIOPipe.cpp}19:02
malpiggz: you mentioned it was working before?19:02
piggzyes, used to work on older droidmedia/gst-droid ... ant recall which version exactly19:03
malwould be nice to know roughly when it was19:03
piggzpoetaster: do you know?19:03

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