Tuesday, 2022-08-30

poetasterpiggz[m], I was under the impression it worked with the first 4 release but was borked by 4.2/3.05:18
piggzmal: does it help knowing 4.0 and maybe 4.1 worked ok?06:45
dcalisteGood morning pvuorela, how are you ?07:20
pvuoreladcaliste: hey, good morning.07:21
dcalisteThanks for your notice on how to reproduce the issue with the pulley menu. I always had events when I was trying to get it.07:23
pvuorelayea, that was interesting :)07:24
dcalisteActually, it's a bit my fault that this behaviour is appearring : it's commit f7ce4d821d8b03d52dcb9d056d552a78498f00d0 in the current branch.07:24
pvuorelain that case let's just keep using the InfoLabel07:25
dcalisteI moved to a ViewPlaceholder to be consistent in font size, positioning… with the rest of the platform.07:25
dcalisteBut indeed, since it's bringing some unwanted behaviour, I can remove this commit from the list.07:26
dcalisteOk, so I'll rework the commit to still use the Item+InfoLabel and maybe try to tune a bit the font size and positioning to be consistent with those of a ViewPlaceholder.07:30
pvuorelasounds good.07:30
dcalisteAbout moving the full day event area to the top right in landscape day view, it sounded like a good idea, so I try for a better feedback. No problem to get back to the initial position if Martin and you prefer it like that.07:31
pvuorelahm, top right?07:32
dcalisteSorry top left.07:32
pvuorelayou mean as it is currently?07:33
dcalisteYes ;)07:33
pvuorelaoh yes, i like that. only thing i'm not sure is that placeholder text. still trying to get a session with martin if he gets to office at some point.07:34
dcalisteYou mention in the review comment that you were not sure to actually move it. So I commented that it's not an issue to get it back to its pre-redesign position, above the previous-days event.07:34
dcalisteAbout the placeholder, I found it as a solution to get helping on what is appearing there when you move from a day without (empty space) to a day with full day events (some events appear there).07:35
pvuorelayep, the reserved area has benefits, it's only the visual text i'm not sure of.07:37
dcalisteSure, got it. Easy to remove also if you find it more distracting after discussing with Martin.07:38
pvuoreladcaliste: suppose no other topics this time. i need to get going in a couple of minutes.07:55
dcalisteSure, thank you for the feedback. I'm reworking the placeholder commit at the moment and will push when ready.07:55
pvuorelaalright, thanks. see you.07:57
piggzmal: poetaster: can confirm it not working on volla-x 4.2 with versions as https://paste.opensuse.org/28788807:59
malpiggz: which versions were in 4.0 and 4.1 releases?08:21
piggzmal: bear with me as i determine if i can nuke my volla phone and flash an old release onto it :D08:24
piggzvolla-x oldest release is 4.208:25
poetasterpiggz, sorry I don't have a better recollection. I was working on 3.4 at the same time. It may have already been borked with the first 4.08:32
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poetasterpiggz, the last video I was able to record on the volla was 2021 Dec. 26.08:56
poetasterpiggz, just looking at the ci, probably goes KO from about: https://gitlab.com/sailfishos-porters-ci/yggdrasil-ci/-/jobs/210711349709:36
piggzpoetaster: ill figure out the version, my volla is now sacreficed :d09:37
poetasterpiggz, ah damn. well, in a pinch I can offer up a device ... let me know.09:39
KabouikA minor but weird bug in Chum GUI rinigus, piggz: check Containers' release 0.8 in Chum GUI (testing), and see that screenshots are not the same colour as on https://github.com/sailfish-containers/harbour-containers/releases11:17
KabouikBy "check", I don't mean "install" (although I'd be happy if you did :O), but just preview the releases in Chum package description.11:17
hnjpoetaster: no, I wasn’t aware that that’s non-optional. (license key for spritradar) thanks11:22
hnjpiggz: do you have any advice, pointers, links about how to run android apps on your port for gs290?11:22
poetasterhnj, I think carmen has a version with the 'old' license key.... https://openrepos.net/content/carmenfdezb/spritradar-aarch64 might work for you.11:26
hnjpoetaster: thanks11:26
piggzhnj: https://www.piggz.co.uk/index.php/apps/cms_pico/pico_proxy/pgz/blog/volla-manual-install12:10
hnjpiggz: oh, cool, thanks!12:30
Kabouikpiggz, as maintainer on Chum, can I accept my request from testing to main repo myself?12:40
piggzKabouik: no, you can update testing as much as you like, but you dont maintain the main version12:51
piggzso, be happy with the version in testing, then submit to main12:51
piggzand one of us overlords will accept it12:51
piggzreminds me ... we should nominate more maintainers12:52
KabouikThanks piggz. Well then I'll wait for one of the overlords to approve it. :>12:59
piggzlbt: pls fix b.s.o13:15
piggzmal: poetaster: i wonder ... could it be that the video recording never worked on an android 10 base? around the time of the 4.1-4.2, was the requirement to upgrade the base OS too13:44
poetasterpiggz, that sounds like a reasonable suggestion. In any case, the last videos I shot on the volla were late dec. 202113:49
malpiggz: that could be relevant13:58
piggzmal: i think thats probably the case ... the 4.1 images wont boot on my volla phone, so they are likely looking for android 9 ... the 4.2 images boot ok13:58
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piggzmal: so, with that being the case ... it makes sense to just look at it as a new problem, not a regression14:30
hnjRunning `waydroid init` I’m getting an error about 'hwbinder': http://ix.io/499E any idea what might be wrong?14:46
piggzhnj: check "ls -lh /dev/*puddle*"14:54
hnjcrw-------    1 root     root       10,  42 Aug 23 00:24 /dev/puddlejumper14:55
hnjcrw-------    1 root     root       10,  41 Aug 23 00:24 /dev/vndpuddlejumper14:55
piggzhmm, one is missing, the hw one14:55
malpiggz: yeah, could be some mediatek issue14:56
piggzhnj: show "zcat /proc/config.gz | grep BINDER"14:57
hnjpiggz: http://ix.io/499I14:57
piggzhnj: i think you might have an old kernel installed14:58
hnjpiggz: 4.9.248+14:59
hnjis the one running14:59
hnjaccording to `uname -r`15:00
piggzwhat date?15:00
hnjpiggz: uuuh, how do I tell?15:00
piggzuname -a15:00
hnjLinux VollaPhone 4.9.248+ #79 SMP PREEMPT Tue Sep 14 14:56:41 UTC 2021 aarch64 GNU/Linux15:00
piggzyeah, there is one from october15:01
piggzwhat happens is, if you flashed boot and userdata without flashing the lk partition, then OTA updates of the boot partition silently fail15:02
piggzyou could copy the /boot/hybris-boot.img from your phone to your pc, then use fastboot to flash it15:02
hnjmaybe I just didn’t update since then, could that also be the case?15:04
piggzno, your sfos version looks ok, its probably that15:04
piggzcheck with15:04
piggzrpm -qi droid-hal-yggdrasil15:04
piggzyeah thats the latest ... do as I suggested and re-flash the boot partition15:05
hnjpiggz: ok, thank you very much!15:07
hnjthat means: 0) booting the phone to fastboot mode with volUp+power 1) run `fastboot flash boot hybris-boot.img`, is that correct?15:10
hnjpiggz: well, it’s getting better but still errors :D http://ix.io/49ag17:29
piggzhnj: thats odd, id check on the waydroid TG group17:30
hnjpiggz: TG?17:31
hnjoh, I don’t use that17:32
piggzive asked for you17:49
piggzhnj: make sure there is enough disk space, and maybe try again17:54
hnjpiggz: thanks, very nice of you (:18:04
hnjSTFW I found https://ask.fedoraproject.org/t/waydroid-issues-in-installation-and-usage/18838 which said »I happened to stumble on a moment when SourceForge was under some maintenance« so I tried again and again and now it seems to have worked (:18:05
Kabouikpiggz, if you're the one who accepted harbour-containers, thanks. Would you please accept the new request? Someone reported an issue with the version number which I just fixed by updating the tag. The application works the same, it's just that the previous one would not trigger an update due to lower version number.18:21
piggzKabouik: it wasnt, but i have ... rinigus must have beat me to it originally18:26
KabouikThank you both!18:26
hnjpiggz: http://ix.io/49aN any idea? seems like it’s either something about pidfds or (more likely) about networking interfaces18:29
piggzhnj: is the veth kernel module loaded?18:30
hnjpiggz: yes: lsmod | grep veth: veth                   16384  018:32
piggzi think i saw something like that ..try a reboot? Kabouik: did you have that error?18:35
KabouikI had something sensor-related at some point yes18:39
piggzKabouik: what about the network no starting?18:39
KabouikBut it got resolved as you showed me which things I had to symblink18:39
KabouikI don't remember. I do know I had to disable dnsmasq18:39
KabouikI must have posted my logs in the Pro1x issue I believe18:41
hnjreboot didn’t help, still the same error (veth interface name is different): http://ix.io/49bf19:20
hnjhttps://github.com/waydroid/waydroid/issues/117 seems relevant19:22
hnjmy networking in general is borked!20:33
hnjhm, name resolution maybe? but not systemwide: when I login via ssh I can still ping e.g. www.dnsbl.com but the apps on the phone don’t work and complain about being unable to resolve names.20:35
hnj»Browser can’t find the server at www.hackernews.org« do the apps use a different resolver than the shell? o_O20:35
hnjphew, at least uninstalling some of the waydroid packages made my connection work again …21:29

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