Thursday, 2022-09-01

WoC`is kexec available in sfos ?02:41
*** WoC` is now known as WoC02:49
ThaodanWoC: depends on the device/port06:52
*** rainemak_ is now known as rainemak06:56
WoCThanks, Thaodan not sure about which port, but the device is a FxTec Pro┬╣X, although I am still waiting for it13:36
endermy Xperia 10 III has somehow gotten stuck thinking there's a call going on (which ended hours ago), so it's not ringing, and every time I try to accept a new call, it asks me if I want to hold or hang up the "current" call13:42
enderalso, once I do accept the call, it shows the "Call ended" screen from that old call13:42

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