Friday, 2022-09-02

piggzwondering if anyone brought up in the community meeting ...09:17
Ketopiggz: I'll work on it really soon, I promise :)09:30
piggzKeto: thx ... so long as that isnt the same soon as "a qt upgrade is coming" :D09:30
ThaodanThat hit deep.. :D09:56
NicoWe will get Qt6 in Sailfish 6, I am sure!10:01
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KabouikI'd like to submit literm to Chum and rebuild it on OBS with tar_git, but OBS complains because upstream has two spec files:
KabouikCan I point to only one in the _service file, or would I have to fork it to delete the unwanted .spec file?15:40
KetoKabouik: I think if you name you OBS package same as the correct spec file, then it will pick that one16:30
Ketoi.e. in this case if you name the package on OBS to literm-mobile, it should pick the literm-mobile.spec16:32
attahThaodan: So i should remove the pkgconfig(libjpeg) ?18:15
useretailhi, how to refresh thumbnails for gallery app? right now many show: Oops, cannot display thumbnail18:18
useretailwhere is the database for images in gallery app?18:19
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