Thursday, 2022-09-08

FlohackQuestion, are you using network-manager on SFOS?19:05
attahFlohack: amateur answer: no19:40
Flohackattah: Okay what else is managing networks?19:40
attahconnman afaict19:40
FlohackDo we know if this is upstream conman or is it patched by your devs ^^19:53
FlohackI´ll ask Slava if I can get hold of him19:53
attahLooks patched
attahI'm just a longtime user, come (very) occasional contributor19:54
attahOr make that forked...19:54
FlohackYeah no worries ^^19:58
Flohackthanks mate19:59
attahNo worries, indeed19:59
Thaodanfrom what I know it is close to upstream but some stuff has diverged. See the contributors lost on github on whom to contact.20:17
HengYeDev[m]I see sailfish secrets and crypto has been merged into rpmvalidator, but Harbour still states "No OS version and packages satisfy package requirements: Requirement not available Requirement sailfishsecretsdaemon-secretsplugins-default not available Requirement not available with" when I try uploading Sailtrix binaries. Am I missing something really simple?21:47
kamroare you sure these changes were merged before 4.4.0 release was out?21:57

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