Friday, 2022-09-09

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direc85[m]HengYeDev: The community newsletter says "[...] the proposed new APIs. It’s possible not all of these will make it into the next release, so you should follow the repos prior to the 4.5.0 release if you want to be certain." So, they are not out just yet.06:37
piggzpoetaster: hi, can you get me the version of ofono and ofono-ril-binder-plugin n your phone12:13
ViGe_HengYeDev[m]: What direc85[m] said is true, you just need to wait for the 4.5.0 release. But after it comes out those should be allowed.12:17
piggzpoetaster: nvm, sorted now12:50
piggzwoop, data working on volla2212:50
poetasterpiggz, cool. a phone without data is like a home without a wall. I was just building one. uhg.13:21

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