Sunday, 2022-09-11

hnjsome time ago I installed waydroid, failed, didn’t have time to dig into it, removed it again, and then had some sort of problem with networking but a reboot seemed to fix it. piggz[m] mentioned that disabling dnsmasq might have helped. now I rebooted and again have issues with name resolution but only in apps. on the shell it seems to work just fine. I don’t know where to start, does18:37
hnjanyone have experience with this issue or can tell me where to start looking? dnsmasq is currently running.18:38
piggz[m]hnj: disable it, it should always be disabled .. waydroid will start it manually18:42
piggz[m]what I consider a bug in jolla systemd package, is it re-enables disabled services after an upgrade of the systemd package18:42
hnjpiggz[m]: thanks, that helped20:10
hnjthat means I will also test waydroid again20:10
hnjwhy do I use devel-su to become root when ssh'ing to my phone? is there a difference between ssh'ing directly as root and using 'defaultuser' and then devel-su?20:13
attahapart from that sshing in as root should be disabled, there should be no difference20:16
attahsame as sudo pretty much everywhere20:17
hnjattah: well, with key, not with password. that works by default AFAICT20:19
hnjattah: thanks20:19
hnj/dev/sailfish/root        2.4G      2.4G         0 100% /21:31
hnj2.4G seems not a lot … is that the normal size?21:31
hnjlsblk output:
hnj"waydroid init" said »No space left on device«, so now I’m trying to figure out where to save space or how to enlarge the relevant partitions. any advice?21:34

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