Monday, 2022-09-12

hnjpiggz[m]: do you happen to have some input on this? (I’m using your port on the GS290/volla and have installed it following your guide on
piggzhnj: probably crete a folder on youe home dir, and symlink where waydroid wants to install the files20:19
hnjpiggz: that sounds ugly and I assume it might break things such as selinux, apparmor and similar things. have you never run into that problem with waydroid on your port?20:23
hnjcan (any|every)one check the partitioning on their devices and pastebin? e.g. with 'lsblk'. I’m curious if the partitioning and FS sizes I have are 'normal' …20:24
piggzhnj: i cant remeber on the volla, but on my current phone i have20:27
piggz[root@Pro1-X dev]# file /usr/share/waydroid-extra20:27
piggz/usr/share/waydroid-extra: symbolic link to /home/defaultuser/waydroid-extra20:27
piggzrootfs is typically 4gb20:27
piggzso, wise to store large images elsewhere20:28
hnjpiggz: I see, thank you!20:34
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