Wednesday, 2022-10-05

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piggz_poetaster: just made a video on the volla :)13:47
poetasterwhere was the bug?13:50
piggz_in the use of 64bit userspace on sailfish, with 32bit omx13:53
piggz_poetaster: what channel are you on, incase i want a tester13:57
poetasterah! let me seee.13:58
poetasterI've forgotten. not ssu lr? cat some zypper conf?13:59
piggz_ssu lr, see if it says devel or testing14:00
poetasterthat's what I did :)14:01
poetastersorry, it's testing.14:01
piggz_you wanna change it?14:04
piggz_you need to edit adaptation-community.ini to point to devel repos14:05
poetasterI can use the second phone. that's it's purpose.14:06
poetasterok, I'll switch that....14:07
poetasterwas that the same bug on the xperias?14:07
piggz_Not sure ... i think xperias had the correct patch already mal?14:08
poetasterah, that could be.14:08
poetasterand I've forgotten what to edit AGAIN.14:13
poetaster /usr/share/ssu/features.d/community-adaptation.ini14:16
malyes, the issue was that hybris-17.1 patches had for some reason incorrect patch, it was missing half of the patch, some mistake I made probably14:17
poetasterpiggz_, ok it's on devel.14:27
piggz_poetaster: ok, bear with me14:45
poetasterpiggz_, sure thing.14:47
piggz_poetaster: zypper ref/dup should get you a bunch of new packages15:35
piggz_ive tested locally, and it sill boots, so, should be ok!15:35
poetasterok, I'll give it a go.15:37
poetasteroh, do I need to do a dist up?15:38
poetasteroops. it's
piggz_good time to update then!15:40
poetasterjust and or?15:41
piggz_erm, mine is .6415:42
poetasterpiggz_, okidoke. still running....16:10
poetasterpiggz_, are ofono fixes for call fowarding in devel?16:21
poetasterpiggz_, just curious. I don't forward calls. I'm too distracted to actually USE a phone.16:22
poetasterpiggz_, now at .64. the jolla-camera app has a black face. controlls but no camera view16:30
piggz_hmm, show output of zypper ls16:37
poetaster1 | adaptation-common           | adaptation-common           | Yes     | (  ) No   | No      | rpm-md16:43
poetaster2 | adaptation-community        | adaptation-community        | Yes     | (  ) No   | No      | plaindir16:43
poetaster3 | adaptation-community-common | adaptation-community-common | Yes     | (  ) No   | No      | plaindir16:43
poetaster4 | apps                        | apps                        | Yes     | (  ) No   | No      | rpm-md16:43
poetaster5 | hotfixes                    | hotfixes                    | Yes     | (  ) No   | No      | rpm-md16:43
poetaster6 | jolla                       | jolla                       | Yes     | (  ) No   | No      | rpm-md16:43
poetaster7 | sailfishos-chum-yggdrasil   | sailfishos-chum-yggdrasil   | Yes     | (  ) No   | No      | rpm-md16:43
poetasterthat was a flash reset device on which I had done nothing more than setup dev ssh. and now, ssu release etc (twice from
piggz_poetaster: you have errors in the ones marked "plaindir"16:48
piggz_check your ssu config again16:48
poetasteradaptation-community =
poetasterssu lr16:50
poetaster - adaptation-common           ...
poetaster - adaptation-community        ...
poetaster - adaptation-community-common ...
poetasterI only modified adapatation-community and -common.16:51
poetastersailfish_latest_aarch64 ? maybe?16:54
poetasterthat community common uri is not legit.16:55
piggz_ - adaptation-common           ...
piggz_ - adaptation-community        ...
piggz_ - adaptation-community-common ...
piggz_ - apps                        ...
piggz_ - hotfixes                    ...
piggz_ - jolla                       ...
piggz_ - sailfishos-chum-yggdrasil   ...
piggz_poetaster: ^^17:05
poetasterpiggz_, with sailfish_latest it works. video recording is a go! yipee!17:58
piggz_poetaster: cool, could you look for any regressions over the next hour or so, and if its good, ill publish to testing: .7217:59
poetasterpiggz_, I'd have to swap sims. I can do it tomorrow, but won't get to it now. sorry.19:22
poetasterbasic stuff (location, compass, camera, browser) all worked.19:22
piggz_Ok, ill hold of updates until tomorrow ... im sure it should be fine though19:23
poetasterlooks good. g'night!19:26

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