Thursday, 2022-10-06

poetasterpiggz[m], most everyting (nfc, bluetooth transfers, camera, sdcard mount, fingerprint, compass, gps) BUT no SIMs regardless of slot or sim card (both working in other phones)07:03
poetasterpiggz[m], [615:droid-hal-init]droid-hal-init: Command 'write /run/ofono/ril.ecclist ${ril.ecclist}' action=ril.ecclist=* (/usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/etc/init/ecclist.rc:7) took 0ms and failed: cannot expand '${ril.ecclist}'07:03
poetasterpiggz[m], and a number of : droid-hal-init]SELinux:  Context u:object_r:mtk_extsim_prop:s0 is not valid07:05
piggz[m]Ah ok, ill test that with a sim then!07:16
poetasterwhy not two :)07:24
poetasterpiggz[m], it's also possible that I messed up on switch from testing to devel.07:35

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