Monday, 2022-10-10

piggz[m]Vollax is working nicely on sfos, will try and publish later12:58
x2sbut but but what about sofs on it?16:14
x2soh, wait, III is supported, IV not :D16:15
x2sshouldn't debug qml apps. Bad for the brain :P16:15
ExTechOpThe Sony Xperia 10 IV is available for bootloader unlocking at Sony Open Devices -- has porting SFOS onto this hardware been discussed, and if, what would the time scale be?16:30
x2sThere have been discussions on the forum, but nothing official has been said about it.16:33
attahExTechOp: Cool, must be new. Answers: "no" and "at least 6-9 months after that, judging from previous versions"16:34
x2sand then the next gen is already sold and make it harder to get the older ones... sad circle :/16:34
attahDiscussions on the forum has mostly been wishful thinking, noting substantial16:35
ExTechOpCorrect, the 10 IV hardware will probably no longer be available 6-9 months from now :-(16:37
attahAs evidenced, the III is still available and kicking (at a good price too temporarily)16:47
x2sattah: you guys don't even have Euros. I can't take that seriously ;)16:51
x2sBut the price is really good16:52

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