Tuesday, 2022-10-11

dcalisteGood morning pvurela. Thank you for the quick feedback yesterday.06:56
dcalisteHello pvuorela, sorry misspelling your name...07:05
pvuorelahey :)07:06
dcalisteWhat do you think of the current status of the branch. There are three commits that I labelled WIP : flat week model, unified pull menu and hourviewlayouter.07:08
dcalisteShould I squash them into the main commit introducing the week view ?07:09
pvuorelai think it's been looking generally good. on the details side my time yesterday went much to testing performance etc.07:09
pvuorelahm, maybe.07:09
dcalisteOk, I'll do that later today. Then, in my opinion it remains some questions :07:10
dcaliste- the hourlayouter is 1/2 hour discretised, which makes events on other time a bit strangely displayed (same problem in day view actually),07:11
dcaliste- is the DayPageEventDelegate in it's current modifications valid enough or should I create a dedicated one for week view, because it added a lot of ifs,07:12
dcaliste- the full day events are still displaied with the JS layouter. I think it's fine, because it would require many changes in the hourlayouter to be usable for this.07:13
dcalisteThat's all from my side, if you think about other points, don't hesitate to raise them.07:13
pvuorelathe first one was a design decision on the day page back then. could recheck again does it look strange. but think the layouter code was created with the assumption that there are discrete cells.07:15
pvuorelano immediate opinion on the day page delegate.07:17
dcalisteAlright, so I let you review the code when you have time to and it still will be possible at that time to split the event delegate if necessary.07:30
pvuorelasounds like a plan07:33
dcalisteI've just pushed a squashed version of the branch. For reference, I've pushed the same with the WIP commits to contrib-weekview-old in case we still need it during the review process.07:37
poetasterpiggz[m], GS5 install a/ok.11:24
hnj"advanced camera" is often not really taking pictures when I press the button. the picture seems to move a bit (as if the camera was trying to focus) and then nothing happens. sometimes it works fine like 5 times in a row, sometimes I get no photo at all in 10 attempts. Could this have to do with the lighting? currently seems like the best bet but still just a wild guess … any idea how to11:32
hnjfigure this out? or fix it?11:32
hnjpiggz[m]: I’m highlighting you because you are the maintainer AFAICT11:32
piggz[m]hnj: Probably fails to get a focus lock.  Maybe try different focus modes?16:40
hnjpiggz[m]: uuuh, how? where? what?18:09
piggzhnj: advanced-cam doesnt take an image until the camera reports that it has focussed.... ive seen it before where this doesnt happen properly, and perhaps choosing between auto/continuous etc can help?18:13
hnjpiggz: aaah, ok, yeah, that sounds plausible. I’ll try that and report back in a couple of days. thanks for the explanation!18:29
poetaster  piggz, I did a ref and an dup (and an up) after flashing, video recording did not work.18:54
poetasterthough it did beep at me.18:55
piggz[m]ok, on my todo list :)18:55
OvermannHi :)19:20
OvermannI was advised to join this irc-channel. I need some help setting up the SDK. I'm hoping someone here might have time to help me out a little19:21
malwhat kind of problem do you have with it?19:23
OvermannWell, nothing is working :P19:28
OvermannI've tried building one of the example projects and it stops at :19:29
OvermannStart Build Engine: Starting "Sailfish SDK Build Engine" virtual machine...19:29
OvermannSometimes a progress bar comes up saying "trying to connect to sailfish SDK buikld engine", but nothing comes of it19:30
OvermannWhen I open virtualbox it lists the VM as running19:30
OvermannThe only way to cancel the build once I've reached this point is to quit the program. If I try to open the SDK again to try anew it won't get to the point where the progress bar comes up.19:31
malwhich host os?19:32
OvermannWindows 1019:32
OvermannClean install19:32
maldid you check https://docs.sailfishos.org/Tools/Sailfish_SDK/Known_Issues/ it mentions some possible issue on windows 1019:33
OvermannI'm also unable to start the emulator or any of the VM's from SDK's "options"19:33
OvermannI did check the known issues, and there might be some stuff there to look into, but nothing jumps out at me as a candidate for so many strange issues19:36
OvermannAlso, changing anything in SDK's options does nothing.19:37
OvermannAnd I have to click "options" twice for it to come up :P. And within "options" there is a field called "Sailfish OS". Unless I'm on a fresh reboot nothing comes up when I click it. If I've rebooted and not attempted to build anything within the SDK already I get to enter the submenu.19:38
malOvermann: there is that hyper-v issue on windows 10 which breaks build engine and emulator, did you check if that applies to your computer?19:42
OvermannI've not DOUBLE checked. I guess I should19:43
Overmannbrb :)19:43
OvermannVirtualization is enabled19:49
malok, it seems that hyper-v bug should be causing bluescreen of death, which isn't the case for you19:50
OvermannI'm on a fresh boot now, so everything should be working as well as it's going to work with the SDK. Is there anything I should try or do that might give an indication of where the issue is?19:53
OvermannAnd, should I really be on linux for this?19:53
OvermannUnder KITS in the options menu both armv and aarch has yellow warning triangles19:55
malwell sdk should work in windows19:55
Overmannarmv and aarch has nothing selected as "device". i486 has "emulator ... "19:57
attahOvermann: until you add some phones, that sounds very much expected19:57
OvermannI actually managed to test the "device" now. It started the vm and everything. Gave me this printout:19:59
OvermannStarting virtual machine...19:59
OvermannConnecting to host...19:59
OvermannChecking kernel version...19:59
OvermannLinux 5.0.21-1.4.2.jolla i68619:59
OvermannChecking if specified ports are available...19:59
OvermannAll specified ports are available.19:59
OvermannChecking whether an SFTP connection can be set up...19:59
OvermannSFTP service available.19:59
OvermannChecking whether rsync works...19:59
OvermannFailed to start rsync: Process failed to start: Systemet finner ikke angitt fil.19:59
OvermannSFTP will be used for deployment, because rsync is not available.19:59
OvermannDevice test finished successfully.19:59
malOvermann: does emulator show anything if you start it from virtualbox directly?19:59
OvermannThat's the build engine or the vm just names SailfishOS- ?20:02
OvermannTHe latter has "start" gray'ed out20:02
OvermannThe former starts with a welcome screen20:03
OvermannDamn, I have to force quit everything. The SDK never shuts down properly and attempting to change any of the options will result in the system hanging. Trying to shutdown any of the VM's will result in the program freezing. Task manager is really making itself useful20:13
malwhich version of virtualbox do you use?20:23
maland just in case also try to disable hyper-v if it's active https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/troubleshoot/windows-client/application-management/virtualization-apps-not-work-with-hyper-v20:26
Overmannhyper-v is disabled. I'm using version 7 of virtualbox20:31
malmaybe test version 6 of virtualbox as mentioned in the second last link I gave20:39
OvermannI'll give it a try20:41
OvermannInstalled 6.1.40 and I see this strange error in the Buikld engine VM:20:54
OvermannError in C:\SailfishOS\mersdk\Sailfish SDK Build Engine\Sailfish SDK Build Engine.vbox (line 54) -- Invalid value 'WAS' in AudioAdapter/@driver attribute.20:54
OvermannF:\tinderbox\win-6.1\src\VBox\Main\src-server\MachineImpl.cpp[754] (long __cdecl Machine::i_registeredInit(void)).20:54
OvermannResult Code:20:54
OvermannE_FAIL (0x80004005)20:54
OvermannIMachine {85632c68-b5bb-4316-a900-5eb28d3413df}20:54
malstrange, did you make sure it recreated the virtualbox things?21:02
OvermannWell, I be damned21:05
OvermannIt's working21:05
OvermannThanks mal!21:06
useretaili can't login to a website with a default browser. any solutions?22:17
maluseretail: can you tell which website? possible reasons are for example that website thinks the browser is not supported (based on the user agent string provided by the browser) or too old, or that browser really is too old23:15

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