Wednesday, 2022-10-12

useretailmal, unfortunately i can't01:28
useretailbut thanks for the hint. turns out browser fetches user-agents from here:
useretaili tried to override user agent, but no luck01:52
useretaili also noticed that i sometimes instead of a lock i see exclamation mark at the bottom where address is01:53
useretailcertificate issued by Cloudflare Inc ECC CA-301:54
useretailbrowser resets the url after restart if you change it02:03
useretaildear devs, how to change user agent?02:05
piggzkarry: advanced cam update is out in chum10:04
piggzthanks for the pr10:04
ExTechOppiggz I must admit I don't quite get how Chum works in this context, I just find that I have 0.9.8 (from today) installed without having to do anything about it, does it update packages automatically in the background?10:35
piggz[m]ExTechOp: if you installed anything, it would update it ... we think there is a bug in pkcon that causes any updates to be installed if any package is installed10:37
ExTechOpDoes this also apply to installing anything from other sources, since I definitely haven't installed anything new from Chum today?10:38
piggznot sure10:39
rinigusExTechOp: I would expect so. I don't think pkcon makes any difference in this respect15:13
poetasterrinigus, piggz[m] it was on UPDATE, though, not install, or?15:28
riniguspoetaster: yes, that big was regarding updates16:57

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