Sunday, 2022-10-23

piggzpoetaster: ping07:15
thilo[m]hnj: hmm seems to work for me on a 10ii07:22
poetasterpiggz, pong08:51
piggzpoetaster: have a go recording with advenced cam started from terminal on gs508:54
poetasterergh. I'll have to get back to it later. guests!08:56
poetasterwhat should I look for?08:57
poetastermoov atom not found.... Unable to generae thumbnail image from ....(Image is a Null image).08:59
hnjthilo[m]: yeah, it only happens sometimes. can’t reproduce it yet /-:11:30
poetasterpiggz, sashikknox[m]  godot 3.5 derived binaries coredum on volla/GS290/GS5 ... could you peak at
poetasterpiggz, sashikknox[m] that's strace harbour-flappybird --main-pack /usr/share/harbour-flappybird/harbour-flappybird.pck16:45
malpoetaster: anything in gdb?16:56
poetasteryou mean on core file or attach?17:00
maleither way17:00
poetasterergh. where do the dumps go :) /var/lib/systemd/coredump/ it is not. I don't use gdb enough.17:03
malsomething like /var/cache/core-dumps17:03
poetastersysctl -w kernel.core_pattern=/tmp/core_%e_%p17:09
poetasterI think I'll have to setup gdb properly first. sigh.17:12
poetastermal, gdb Program terminated with signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.17:24
poetaster#0  0x0000007554f87e58 in ?? ()17:24
poetastermal, but I have a ton of: Missing separate debuginfo for /usr/lib64/libtls-padding.so17:27
poetasterlike messages17:27
poetasterjust to make sure checked all the boxes rebuild and re-intalled on volla, gs5 and 10ii. Only the last works. At least that!17:36
piggzpoetaster: when does flappy bird crash?17:41
poetasteron start. I really should have built a 3d shoot first :)17:43
poetasterit doesn't even get to the godo engine screen (splash)17:43
poetasters/shoot/shooter/ s/godo/godo/ long weeked.17:46
poetasterpiggz, I can take another crack at camera if you want.17:47
piggzmal: poetaster: think i fixed recording on volla22 in advancedcamera18:48
piggzjolla-cammera still plays up, but, you cant get them all ! :D18:49
malpiggz: still no luck with the sandboxing issue?18:49
piggzmal: yeah, thats what im saying :)18:50
piggzwhitelist /dev/ashmem18:50
piggzthe other issue is jolla camera ... advnaced camera does the same as jolla-camera when when set to the first resolution, which is QHD ... works ok when set to eg FHD, so, maybe res is too hgh18:52
poetasterpiggz, true, fixing them all is, well, what keeps my in deep water :)19:00
poetaster(and futzing about with game dev. schnick schnack :)19:01
poetasterpiggz, let me know when the advancedcamera patches are public.19:02
poetasterah, well. at least I fixed a physics bug!19:05
piggzpoetaster: if you want to fix now, edit /etc/firejail/whitelist-common.local, and add above to ait19:06
attahpoetaster, rinigus: Map data backend?
poetasterpiggz, thanks will try tomorrow.20:07
poetasterattah, thanks!20:07
malpoetaster: also there is now a fix for jolla-camera20:08
poetastermal, great!20:08
poetasteronly godot to go :)20:09
malpoetaster: do you have any rpm or binaries for some godot example to test on other devices20:09
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