Monday, 2022-10-24

direc85[m]<rubdos[m]> "Is there a known issue that some..." <- Oh no you didn't. I tried to use the Finnish "รค" in my password, and everything broke down (not just SFOS).07:20
ExTechOpWelcome to 2022, when utf8 characters in passwords are still an issue (I recently had to debug an ActiveSync issue on Android phones with similar causes).07:40
rubdos[m]It was all ascii iirc08:18
rubdos[m]backticks and backslashes and quotes and the like08:18
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poetasterpiggz[m], tested the updates to the GS5 and all's well but the trivial things I recorded in the forum thread.14:50
poetasterattah, I just looked at the cloudflare offer, but I'm not sure what you mean? One issue we're looking to solve is pooling resources to pay for api access, which I don't think cloudworkers solves.14:54
attahpoetaster: Right yes... but contrary to many others this looks to be very dynamic in pay-as-you-go15:00
attahBut maybe i should have checked if my assumption about self-hosting being cheaper holds for the specific case15:02
attahwell "self"15:02
poetasterattah, the issue is not hosting per se, but how to collect / pool payments for the use of apis when the free tier is exhausted. for instance for mapbox with more than x thousand requests.15:03
attahBut wasn't one problem there taht it was not pay-as-you-go?15:04
poetasterIt's more that you have, in puremaps case, multiple api/backend providers which all have a free tier to 'some point'. The developer account won't cover that for long, nor can the developer cover all apis.15:14
poetasterSo how to bundle payments and connect api endpoints cost effectively. I've got a VERY rough sketch for a service, but haven't had time to get it much further.15:15
attahHad not thought about multiple backends...15:16
attahWill be interesting to see :)15:16
poetasterI'll have to polish a bit and turn it into English. I was writing for a German Funding body :)15:17
poetasterIt's actaully a complicated business propsition :)15:19
attahAnd here i'm thinking simple things like throwing some initial lump of money at it x)15:20
poetasteryeah. my aim was: permit individual payments preserving anonymity (vis the api provider), make the payment platform transparent, pool money where possible (some individuals pay a premium) ... it got complicated enough that I couldn't hit the deadline :)15:23
poetasterpiggz[m], GS5, somethings wrong with the governor, governor.15:54
poetasterpiggz[m], in locked state, cpu usage jumps to 800% every 3/4 seconds (often it's just logind at the top).15:55
poetasterBut it is nice and fast :)15:56
piggzpoetaster: fixed charger detection20:27
poetasterpiggz[m], cool.22:21
poetasterpiggz[m], sashikknox[m] sent me deubg binary. I'll hack at it tomorrow. Might be interesting.22:22

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