Tuesday, 2022-10-25

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poetasterpiggz, mal the immediately obvious ? when gdb debugging godot: PulseAudio: Detecting channels for device: sink.null12:31
poetastershould be zero, n'est pas?12:31
poetasterwhich is a philosophical quandry.12:32
poetasterpiggz, mal, shouldn't it be: sink.primary_output12:32
piggz*shrug* its your code :D12:33
malpoetaster: btw, do you have audio resource code in the godot changes?12:36
poetasterpiggz, it's sashikknox[m] code . works fine on the xperias12:42
poetastermal, you mean in the changes from 3.2.1 - 3.5.1. I'd think so.12:42
piggzsend me a package, and i can try on pro1x too12:43
piggzi tried a version of flappybird on openrepos and that worked fine12:44
poetasterthat's the 3.2.1 build and it's ok, yes.12:44
poetastersec, I'll post one ....12:44
poetasterpiggz, https://poetaster.de/media/harbour-flappybird-1.0.7-1.aarch64.rpm12:47
poetasterpiggz, this was odd: /srv/mer/toolings/SailfishOS- (lots of .58 refs).12:49
malwhat is odd about that?12:49
malI assume you only updated target not the tooling also12:50
piggzdoesnt work on pro1x either12:50
piggzharbour-flappybird: error while loading shared libraries: libaudioresource.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory12:50
piggzill install that ... .spec error12:50
poetasterhuh, I went through 'catch load' and thought it was ok... sec.12:51
piggzok, it works on pro1x12:51
poetasterpiggz, l1ibaudioresource initialization finished. seems to work? it crashes on initializing graphics, I think.12:53
poetasterOk, works on pro1x, yeah!12:53
poetasterwhat is 'library "libpq_cust.so" not found'12:54
poetastermal, I don't think it's audio I consistantly get to: godot: ENABLING GL DEBUG12:56
poetasterfollowed by Thread 1 "godot.sailfish." received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.12:56
poetaster0x0000007faf6c714c in ?? ()12:56
piggzpoetaster: build it on OBS then we can install debug info packages :)14:09
poetasterpiggz, that is, sadly, not an option. build is done through the export function of the godot editor.14:20
thilo[m]Does anyone know, what would need to be done to try pyotherside apps with python 3.11?14:21
thilo[m]I would assume that simply replacing the binary would break my system?14:21
poetasterthilo[m], oh, yeah :)14:23
poetasterpiggz, in any case, the biggest difference that appears without stepping in is that pulse shows the null sink.14:26
piggzpoetaster: mal: i strace, the last syscall made is clone14:29
piggzah, add -f14:29
poetasterpiggz add -f to?14:31
poetasterpiggz, https://poetaster.de/media/flappy.log (gdb with the godot debug binary)14:31
poetasterpiggz, right you are clone it was (https://paste.opensuse.org/85975770)14:33
piggzyeah, but add -f to strace to follow child processes14:33
poetasterah, sorry, got ya.14:33
piggzare there any env variables the can be used to control the renderer?14:35
poetasterpiggz, I'll have to dig a bit, but I think so.15:26
piggzlbt: there was a request from verefka on the foum for an obs account...15:27
piggzalso, i was about to add an item to the community meeting for the b.s.o dns issue, but is there any update first?15:27
poetasterpiggz, a lot of <... read resumed>0x743efaa408, 10) = -1 EAGAIN (Resource temporarily unavailable)15:29

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