Friday, 2022-10-28

piggzlbt: ping07:28
lbtpiggz: hey....07:44
piggzlbt: \o/07:45
piggzdod :)07:45
piggzdisabling/enabling target didnt work07:45
piggzlbt: btw, good morning first07:45
piggzhope you are well on this wet friday07:45
lbtyeah - I'm sorry but I've been insanely busy recently07:46
lbtwhich is awesome07:46
lbtbut also annoying when I can't find time...07:46
piggzno worries ... just i have users installing devel releases of ports, becuase i cant build testing version :D07:47
lbtso... bad project linky ?07:47
lbtbtw verefka msg'ed and already had an account on merproject - I think he may need help doing a pw reset and just waiting 10m and logging in07:49
* lbt puts wand away07:50
piggzlbt: well, if you have 10 minutes, there is also b.s.o being down ;)07:51
piggzwhich is a total pita with all the chum emails with urls in them!07:51
lbtyeah - that's pketolai07:52
lbtit's a real nuisance that honestly defies my attempts to 'fix' it. Not sure what is going on there but it feels low-level hardware or something07:53
piggzlbt: what kind of hardware ... networking hardware or server?07:53
piggzpoetaster: ping13:39
piggzVerevka: did you get sorted on obs14:48
piggzpoetaster: update your volla22, see if mtp works now15:13
poetasterpiggz, will do16:03
poetasterpiggz, MTP works.16:30
elenrilis carddav sync supposed to work in both directions?16:46
elenrili set up my own caldav+carddav server16:46
elenrilcalendar sync works in both directions16:46
elenrilbut contacts are only synced from server to phone16:47
elenriland any contacts imported from the server are uneditable16:58
Renaud[m]It is working fine on my phone with nextcloud as the carddav server17:53
x2selenril: Let me look for the bug report17:58
x2sthere it is17:58
x2sI've reported that half a year ago, hasn't been fixed since.17:58
malx2s: afaik the latest commit in here fixes the issue18:26
x2smal: is there a way to compile a drop-in replacement by myself? Or do I have to wait for the next update?19:19
malit's possible using platform sdk, obs would be easier but it seems to be down at the moment19:23
mal is case you want to try19:35
malafaik also the Sailfish SDK can be used to build packages but I personally prefer platform sdk19:36
x2swell, the calender sync doesn't work now either. :/20:30
x2sor my client here fails me. Possible.20:31
x2s*desktop client20:32
x2sclient error. :|20:32
elenrilhrm, my bug was actualy something else20:44
elenrilseems the carddav sync plugin treats the server as read-only if it does not report the write privilege20:45
elenrileven though it does report the 'all' privilege20:45
x2sinteresting. But my bug seems to be at least considered. And when I get the time I can check :)20:50
x2s*find the time20:51
malelenril: sounds like something that could be simple to fix maybe20:56
malhave you reported that on forum?20:57
elenrilno, i assume i'd have to register20:58
elenrilfor now I worked around it in the server, which was simpler20:59
elenrilprobably not hard to fix in the client either, but getting the code on the phone is a lot more work21:00

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