Sunday, 2022-10-30

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Verevkapiggz: no, I'm registered but I can't reset my password10:17
piggzVerevka: lbt was here friday and aware of it .. just need to catch him!10:17
Verevkayes, we were in touch, but maybe I misunderstood him10:19
VerevkaMy English is very bad10:20
piggzah ok10:20
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askolsamI have an original Jolla Phone running SFOS which I use as a 4G 'modem' via USB tethering. If I want to do port forwarding from the phone's public IP to the USB side, is it just iptables/nftables setup like when using Linux server for NAT or is there some SFOS specific magic (e.g. some daemon?) that I would need to know of?11:25
askolsamAnd answering to myself: no special magic, iptables was enough17:12
poetasterall hail iptables!18:33

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