Friday, 2022-11-04

piggzHengYe[m]: my keybard case is on the way10:18
piggzwhat are you using sfos on the PP for?10:18
piggzhow do you find it?10:18
piggzif you would like to contribute to the port that would be great10:19
poetasterpiggz, if you have a minute:
piggzdone :)10:36
poetasterpiggz, you rock.10:36
piggzwondering where all my disk space is gone, and find a 107gb image of a phone userdata partition :D10:43
HengYeDev[m]@piggz I am using sfos on the pinephone because my fxtec pro1 has broken, I want to test sailtrix on it but i want to get these papercuts out first18:00
HengYeDev[m]It is pretty nice, the only problem I have is the power button sometimes doesn't wake the screen and I have to press it for about 5 seconds which makes me thing i will shutdown the device but it just wakes up. this also makes it hard to get to the shutdown button18:00
piggzHengYeDev[m]: so, you are a major user of my ports!18:34
piggzwhat went wrong with pro1?18:34
HengYeDev[m]the pro1 was working one day, the next day it wasn't. tried everything, even replacing battery and screen with some spares i have, nothing worked @piggz18:36

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