Saturday, 2022-11-05

poetasterHengYeDev[m], I have a FP2 with spare parts I could donate. Not the fastest phone, but I was using it to test 3.4 stuff (have another 3.4 target phone).10:26
poetasterpiggz, device support for 3D on ports with godot is a bit like looking for imperial measurement nuts and bolts in Germany.11:16
x2s.oO( Why did I just feel a shiver going down my spine? )11:32
HengYeDev[m]poetaster: PM sent, hopefully it goes thru to irc13:50
poetasterHengYeDev[m], more a question of whether I set up my cleint properly :)13:51
HengYeDev[m]is there a convenient way to get the device model? so that in sailtrix the device name can be populated with "Sailtrix on Xperia 10" or similar14:10
attahHengYeDev[m]: Looking at the same exact thing right now actually14:49
attahNAME in /etc/hw-release looks promising and is SailJail-compatible14:50
attahBut for some reason this does not seem librarified... i count at least two different implementations in SFOS-specific code alone (systemsettings and ssu-sysinfo)14:51
attahMake that 3, there is one in bluez too14:52
attahOkay, so the one in systemsettings looks reusable as per
attahBut i don't think that is harbour friendly14:54
attahNow, if i could just figure out how to make the app cover show a miniature of the webview the app is made up of... (spoiler, what is supposed to work doesn't)15:43
attahHmm, maybe it is the specific page or whole webview that goes white when not in focus... and not a cover issue15:54
poetasterattah, thanks! but I'm not sure I trust the Germans to discriminate between IMPERIAL, CANADIAN IMPERIAL and usa inches :)15:56
attahIf the sizes are big enough they are all within tolerance ;)15:57
poetasterattah, that cover/webview issue has been an issue for a while. I thought you'd succumbed to a screen shot :)15:58
attahi refuse!15:58
attahalso only just picked up development again15:59
poetasterZollshop. Obviously catering to the american automobile faction here in prussia.15:59
poetasterah, lazy bastard :)15:59
poetasterI'm one confused bastard. sigh.15:59
attahYou are indeed entitled to call me that, in comparative terms15:59
attahwhat is the source of confusion now?16:00
poetasterI should be careful about that. My son IS a bastard. I am not. I'm not even a son of a bitch, although I frequently behave like one ;)16:00
attahBut at least i soft-launched:
poetasterI'm trying to debug open gl foo, vis Godot. But I'm currently just stuck with input handling.16:02
poetasterI think I'm going to make an SFOS version of this: now. Or go and fix my mac classic.16:03
attahHaha, cool!16:04
poetasterI'm VERY curious to see how the SDL touch input works in that context. I'm going to have to book a course with shashikknox.16:06
poetasterI wonder just how much software still depends on SDL.16:17
malpoetaster: what about SDL touch?16:54
poetaster ah, it's mediated. I'm in godot land.16:55
poetasterI'm thinking, to take a break, of doing for SFOS (bascially hypercard in SDL2)16:56
poetasterSo, the first point, it's not SDL per se. the second, I'm curious to see how it will behave. To date the only direct SDL stuff I've done is audiovisual with no input.16:57
poetastermal, question: on the fp2 can SFOS be installed on top of android 10 (22.10.0-rel.0)?17:00
poetastermal, and which SFOS are you at?17:00
malpoetaster: no, it assumes that you install the version mentioned in wiki, at least the system.img from that, probably other parts can remain newer17:02
malpoetaster: I use
poetastermal, thanks.17:06
malit seems mer wiki might be down17:06
maldo you know which version of system.img you need to install?17:08
malit's the 18.04 version17:09
malI can try to find the download url for that17:09
poetastersec, I may still have it.17:10
poetasterah, no. The last I had was sailfishos-fp2-sibon-release- and i don't see the android base17:11
poetaster18.04 is android 9ish?17:12
malwithout the useless archive part17:13
mal18.04 is android 6 :)17:13
poetasterah, so take the second link?17:13
malyes, that contains the needed system.img17:13
malthen grab latest sfos zip from
poetasterand make a donation to the wayback machine.17:14
malif you need the installation instructions check note that you probably can just flash system.img and then install sfos zip recovery17:15
mal*in recovery17:15
poetasteryeah, it was painless last time. fp is about the least painful android experience.17:16
poetastermal, so shash did another godot build with some flags unset.17:18
poetasterbut, I think I didn't communicate clearly. he disabled:  GL DEBUG but I think it was CAN_DEBUG that was causing you issues with Vulcan?17:19
poetasterstill crash an burn on mali. although 3d is turning out to be a bitch regardless. reminds me of the 90s.17:20

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