Tuesday, 2022-11-08

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dcalistepoetaster, attah, thanks, but it's actually not mine, but one of the lab student where I'm working.07:53
dcalistepvuorela, as mentioned above (if you didn't notice), I won't be able to attend our meeting this morning, sorry. See you next week.07:54
pvuoreladcaliste: ah, sure. next week then.08:02
HengYeDev[m]I am currently looking at notifications api. In general, is the app responsible for choosing sound or is system responsible? I see sound params but not sure if it is good to use them or to add a user setting in the app to choose sound13:21
HengYeDev[m]poetaster: ping14:51
HengYeDev[m]check dms, no hurry tho14:51
HengYeDev[m]btw, in irc can you see messages i sent when you are offline thru bridge?14:51
poetasterHengYeDev[m], I'm here.15:00
poetasterHengYeDev[m], looks like I'm missed something. did you get the DM with the pics?15:01
HengYeDev[m]i got it in the forum15:02
poetasterAhok. I can't find the message :)15:02
HengYeDev[m]i think my matrix homeserver might be laggy today15:02

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