Monday, 2022-11-07

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dcalisteGood afternoon pvuorela. I'll be busy tomorrow at our meeting time. I'll attent a thesis defense and won't be able to discuss the mkcal PR or if you had trouble with the week view layout. We can resume next week, or discuss async via PR comments, if you don't mind.12:48
poetasterdcaliste, good luck with your thesis!16:21
attahdcaliste: renaming to drcaliste?16:21
poetasterso now we now when attah and poetaster stop 'working'16:22
attahpretty much... i'm home slightly early today16:23
poetasterI'm at home, but I'm actually still working :}16:31
poetasterkimmoli, let me know if you can merge: It's stable on 4.4. I'd like to do more work, but don't want the merges to stack.16:34
poetasterkimmoli, I started on moving the shaders into QML and adding more levels of undo.16:35
poetasterah, twitter is in a twist, and I get stuck on mastodon.17:19
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