Sunday, 2022-11-13

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riniguspiggz: nice! :)08:33
poetasterpiggz[m], rinigus chum rocks.10:22
direc85[m]<mal> "locals builds of such packages..." <- @rubdos sent me his scripts, but they only work on Sailfish Platform SDK, and even then they're a hack and a half... I'm partially after being able to tinker with Rust myself, but also trying to help keeping the bus factor low.13:01
direc85[m]I was thrown that direction when I couldn't follow (my own) instructions on getting Whisperfish compile on sfdk on a "new" laptop, and it ended up being the patched Rust that was (and still is) ill-compiled at some point.13:05
rubdos[m](mea culpa there, my hosted version is broken apparently)13:06
rubdos[m](and my machine is not stable enough to compile it again for some reason)13:06
direc85[m]It would be both nice and beneficial to be able to compile Rust by others, too.13:06
rubdos[m]Well, if Jolla shipped an up-13:07
direc85[m](de nada, I think it's tge Rust 1.61 efforts that shine their light upon the old inferior Rust 1.52)13:07
rubdos[m]* an up-to-date compiler 🤔13:07
rubdos[m]yeh indeed, it's all going to be good in about two SailfishOS releases from here :-)13:07
malI have been looking into rust also, the patches had some issues and I have been trying to get those to work15:56
poetasterpiggz, SIM, video/camera, bluetooth (audio, +) on the GS5 seem in order. I'm tesint, SIM in slot 2, repeated reboots. And making silly muisc. :)17:44
piggzpoetaster: great ... so, issue was you not using the correct version?18:01
poetasterpiggz, probably!20:48

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