Monday, 2022-11-14

malilpianista: should work now14:58
ilpianistamal: thank!15:00
ilpianista> <> ilpianista: should work now15:00
ilpianista * thanks!15:00
poetasterpiggz, rinigus, mal, lbt question: shouldn't we keep the builds down to something like stable releases? (cough).15:26
poetastersomething like,,, latest ?15:28
direc85[m]I've thought about that, too.15:39
piggzpoetaster: well, 4.4 is on .72 :D15:58
piggz also, porters may not build all point releases for major if there is nothing worthwhile, eg, most of the the 4.4 minor releases were for things like volte, which porters wouldnt care about15:59
poetasterI meant, basically, last version of I know 72 is latest but in the case of 'latest' one could leave the one before. but 4.0, 4.1? I can't even begin to think of debugging.16:03
poetasterSo, it's just wasting disk/cpu.16:03
piggzpoetaster: its all free to us, jolla pay :D16:27
poetasterpiggz, not a question of money. it's a question of the resource not bogging because it's doing excessive builds.16:30
poetasterpiggz, I'm guessing sometimes it's just churn. And the shit I built today is almos certanly running on 4.4, with maybe one or two users not!16:31
piggzsure ... and you dont need to fix broken builds on older releases, just disable them16:31
poetasterbut far more important, why aren't you attending to my OH SO IMPORTANT packages (ducks, runs)16:31
piggzcos im trying to work :)16:32
poetasterpiggz, ditto. but it's a nightmare.16:32
piggzand, becuase the links in emails still point to, i have to take manual steps to get to the site! :(16:32
poetasterah, shit. no hurry. just havin a larf!16:32
piggz<cough> flypig </cough> ... good topic for next meeting, please fix dns issues16:33
flypigI'm picking up this conversation late here... Are you talking about
piggzflypig: yes16:39
piggzi get its not a priority, but is a pita :)16:39
flypigI've asked about it, I'll let you know what I hear.16:43
flypig(if anything!)16:43
flypigIt's a bit late in Finland here now, so probably not before tomorrow I'm afraid.16:44
piggzsure ... its gone on months anyway, another day wont hurt!16:45
flypigHaha. Indeed. But it may mean you have to prod me again if I forget. I'll try not to.16:45
piggzflypig: if you need anycontent for upcoming news, i have several ports updated, and updates to Amazfish for the latest Infinitime firmware16:47
flypigYes, I always want anycontent! It's already written up for this coming Thursday. Will it still be okay to go in the one after?16:48
piggzsure (though, i did wonder what would happen if i said no)16:49
flypigHaha :) Would you mind sending me a very brief summary of what's changed (or some links where I can find the info)?16:50
piggzflypig: maybe i should write something up about it ... both ports ignore most of the HADK and do it a completely different way :)16:53
poetasterflypig, have you covered anarchy in the uk's music explorer yet?16:53
flypigpiggz, that would be great, but I'd like to make it as easy as possible for you. E.g. if you want to put it in bullet form I can flesh it out, or we can do a Q&A again. Only if you prefer of course.16:55
flypigpiggz, if you prefer just to send me the text, even better.16:56
flypigpoetaster, you're going to have to elaborate a little for me I'm afraid. I'm fairly certain the answer is "No"!16:56
poetasterflypig, This thing: is really great. It's like spotify for luddities (me).16:57
poetasterI'm 'helping' in that I push his stuff to chum (he's VERY sceptical of the FOSS paradigms, so I'm trying my best to convince him otherwise).16:58
flypigpoetaster, Ah! I thought you were asking me to perform a cover of the track :)16:58
poetasterflypig, I suggested it be the text of the license :)16:58
flypigHaha, nice :)16:59
flypigThis is the first I've seen of the app, I'm pretty sure we've not covered it before.16:59
flypigpoetaster, I'll take a look for the next newsletter. Thanks for the tip :) Perhaps I can ask you a few questions about it too once I've taken a look?17:00
flypigIn what way sceptical?17:00
poetasterOr, ask @cypherpunk via the forums.17:01
flypigNow that I've clicked on the link, I can see why they might be sceptical ;)17:01
poetasterflypig, I'm lost, who's sceptical about what?17:02
flypigYou were saying that anarchyintheuk is sceptical of FOSS paradigms? Or did I misunderstand?17:02
poetastersorry, yes.17:02
poetasterwas the same with toby from whom I took over the media apps. not enough patience/familiarity and a subsequent disdain.17:03
poetasterI'm a bit bashed work + catchup 4th grade german Gramar with the kids.17:05
flypigpoetaster, free time availability aside (I can't believe you have any anymore), I can't think of a better person to shepherd the app than you :)17:07
poetasterflypig, I quit my job :) Well, officially end of January. So, I'm a bit swamped.17:08
poetasterbut, I do do a lot of 'low hanging fruit'... I've only scrated the surface of the STD::unique_pointer fixes I have here and there.17:09
poetasteroh, and mediatek opengl grrrrr.17:09
piggzpoetaster: any luck getting a new build of that?17:10
poetasterpiggz, it would be REALLY cool to hear about the completely differnt from HADK way17:10
piggzpoetaster: on that, flypig could also ask colleages ... sure notkit works at jolla :)17:11
poetasterpiggz, I've been hesitant to ask. shashikknox is also really busy.17:12
poetasterpiggz, yeah, I also feel my communication (cough) lacks sometimes and I want to make sure I'm not wasting his time.17:12
poetasteron the other hand, I appear to be his only active user :)17:13
piggzpoetaster: how are the builds made?17:14
poetasterpiggz, finding 3.5 settings for godot projects that work AT ALL even where godot launches properly (experia 10ii) is non-trivial17:14
poetasteroh. uhmmm. scons?17:15
flypigI'd be happy to ask colleagues, but I'm afraid I'd need a clear question or I'll be a bit lost. Plus, I think the most relevant people would be happy to answer on IRC directly themselves.17:15
poetasteryeah, I've found a couple of 3d projects that I can get running on a number of ports. I'm working on testing (touch input is always fun) so that I have some 'base cases'.17:16
poetasterotherwise, there are godot 3.5 projects that also crash on the 10ii. ....17:17
piggzpoetaster: im sure it would be as easy as adding a #undef in that file17:17
flypigpoetaster, I hope it's not inappropriate to say, but congratulations on your decision. I'm certain new and exciting opportunities await.17:17
poetasterpiggz, you're probably right and I just need to build it... release notes:
poetasterflypig, I was REALLY overdue. I've been in the 'wrong' position almost 10 years now. Too attached to old projects.17:19
poetasterso thanks!17:19
piggzpoetaster: do you have anything lined up?17:19
flypigThese decisions are never easy, but I'm glad you're happy with it!17:20
poetasterpiggz, dust removal from all rooms :)17:20
flypigHaha; nice :)17:21
poetasterpiggz, I haven't really gone looking yet. I have enough savings to last, for a while. Maybe go on the dole. But I'll probably have work before the first payment.17:22
poetasterpiggz, you're freelance?17:23
piggzpoetaster: no, i work for a large faceless organisation :D17:34
poetasterpiggz, I was hoping you'd say something like, 'no, I work for Her Majesty, The Queen'.17:55
attahpoetaster: you are slightly out of date...17:59
poetasterattah, nah, I refuse to accept the accendency of the pretender (I'm a Canadian. I refused to recognize that I had a queen for 30 years. Finally got used to her)>18:04
poetasterso, into the rabbit(d) hole (yet another build system!)18:05
poetasterpiggz, you mean literally #define CAN_DEBU #undef it directly?18:38
piggzpoetaster: no, i mean, #undef can_debug in the file18:41
poetasterpiggz, that's what I meant ;) But I have no way of knowing how to compile the the targets separate from the editor binary. I think I'll need a week to figure it out.18:42
poetasterI just went to :drivers/gles2/rasterizer_gles2.cpp and placed the undef directly after the define :)18:42
piggzthat should di it :)18:43
poetasterbut the problem is this is just the editor. and then I need to build an arm64 template and that is where it gets hairy.18:43

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