Tuesday, 2022-11-15

dcalisteGood morning, pvuorela.08:00
pvuoreladcaliste: good morning!08:03
dcalisteI think the discussion may not be long this morning : just a recap of the existing MRs.08:04
dcalisteI've currently restarted to work on implementing in mKCal an async SqQlite driver.08:04
dcalisteThe more I work on it, the more I think the drop of ::Ptr for Notebooks is not necessary.08:05
pvuorelaalright. how's that going?08:05
dcalisteI think the async class will be ready for a first review later this week or next week.08:05
dcalisteYou can see the work going on in the cleanup branch in my fork on Github.08:06
dcalisteI've extracted the Private class from SqliteStorage class and put it in a dedicated file sqlitestorage_p.h and .cpp.08:06
dcalisteLike that the sync or the async share the same underlying implementation.08:07
dcalisteIt requires in the _p class to move away from Ptr to avoid race issue and ownershiop issues between the main thread and the worker thread, as we already discuss.08:08
dcalisteThe drop of ::Ptr for notebooks (and incidences) is thus happening there but not in the main thread API.08:08
pvuorelahm, ok.08:09
dcalisteThere are copies of incidences on save, but ownership transfer on load.08:09
dcalisteI don't think I can avoid the copy on save with a true async API without locking mechanism.08:10
dcalisteAnd I don't want to introduce locks.08:10
dcalisteBut in my opinion, it's not a big deal since the async API is for UI purpose and we never save a large bunch of incidences at the same time.08:10
dcalisteOn the contrary for sync plugins, where the sync API will still be fine.08:11
dcalisteYou'll have a better idea I think when I'll submit the PR.08:12
dcalisteSo, I would say that the pending PRs on ::Ptr drop for notebooks should be on hold at the moment.08:13
dcalisteWe can decide later when the async API will be added if we keep them (and rebase them) or if we close them.08:13
dcalisteAs I said, I think I don't have any additional points at the moment for discussion. I'll ping you when the async PR is ready. Thank you for your help pvuorela !08:25
pvuorelayea, me neither. commented on one old pr but that's not much to discuss here.08:28
pvuorelathanks again, looking forward for the PR.08:28
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attahAny idea what dark incantation i need to make a WebView show as a miniature on the cover?17:58
attahCurrently i have cover:null, but for whatever reason, when i release the minimizing swipe the cover goes white18:00
attah(up until then it is fine)18:00
attah...and i just double-checked, it is not a page-specific problem or related to my html/javascript injection :(18:07

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