Wednesday, 2022-11-16

* attah is slightly horrified that individual Android apps now get dedicated support articles... but i guess that's what some users demand nowadays17:07
malattah: those help articles are just moved from one place to another17:23
malthose were in zendesk before17:24
attahFair... but i'm still somewhat disappointed in humanity18:06
attahmal: Btw, in case you missed it... for science:
poetasterattah, don't worry. we'll carry them kicking and screaming into paradise.20:39
poetasterattah, once mal fixes opengl :)20:39
poetastermal, and release your games finally so we can study some decent code.!20:39
attahAlso this was for the 5g efforts, not for begging for help with the cover this time, although that is the same app20:44
attahMore games certainly wouldn't hurt :) Nice new trend that is starting20:45
malI should read how to push things to chum20:55
attahAFAICT it is as easy as having it building in OBS and clicking submit somewhere20:59
attahThe former only sometimes being a hurdle21:00
malyeah, that requires me to push the code somewhere21:09
malI need to check if there was some configuration needed in the package for chum21:10
attahNot the best feedback loop there... but if i can manage, you definitely can21:14
malyeah, it's more about taking the time to check the documentation21:31
poetasteryeah, chum is dead simple. with a few foot guns.21:32
poetastermal, piggz and rinigus did really good docs. I think the only thing they neglected was to not forget linquist buildrequires.21:33
piggzpretty sure mal doesnt need to read the docs, and knows exactly how obs works21:33
poetasterof course he does. we're just trying to encourage him :)21:34
poetasterand sorry if I seem to be partronizing, far be it from me ... (ducks and runs).21:34
piggzlooking forward to seeing both openlara and supertuxkart in chum21:35
poetasterpiggz, maybe it would be worth noting that qt linguist needs to be in buildrequires? I keep forgetting it (since it isn't needed elsewhere).21:36
poetasteroh, speaking of chum;
poetaster(ducks, runs, get's beer).21:38
piggzpoetaster: ill need a translator on that thread!21:39
poetasterpiggz, mal, so I took another look and it can't be the CAN_DEBUG thing. ios only ifdef.21:39
piggzpoetaster: but, thats where is fails21:40
piggz(chum accepted)21:40
poetasterpiggz, thanks.21:40
poetasternot exactly.21:41
poetasterit was dying (I believe) here: #ifndef IPHONE_ENABLED21:44
poetastershit. sorry21:44
poetasterCAN_DEBUG is, as I erroneously pasted only defined for IPHONE builds.21:45
poetasterwhich, irony of ironies are also broken currently because apple is run by assholes.21:45
poetasterI just need to learn how to build an arm64 template of godot and then I'll figure this irritating bug out.21:46
poetastermal, timid question, what is the state of gles3 on SFOS. it does such pretty things.21:47
poetaster(goes to eat own dog food)21:48
malpoetaster: glesv3 should just work21:49
poetasterwell, I'm not sure what you mean by that. common glesv3 stuff does NOT work.21:50
malat least it's implemented in libhybris and even has test_glesv3 test program in there (I know because I did part of that)21:50
malpoetaster: like what?21:50
malthe test is quite simple, if there are bug would be nice to know if there is some simple way to reproduce those21:51
poetastermal, ok. I'll start gathing example programs. The testing I've been doing is very godot (3.2) centric and a lot of basics don't work.21:51
poetastermal, but I can't even get the sdk sdl opengl examples from jolla to render anything .21:52
malwondering if there is any glesv3 test suite somewhere that would test many things21:52
malpoetaster: which device?21:52
malpoetaster: do these work
poetaster10ii and volla. the volla I think has 'extra' problems although I'm not 100% certain. but I can get a lot of fairly simple stuff to crash on the x 10ii.21:53
poetastermal, I'll try the sdl2-opengles-test tomorrow.21:54
maldo you have any rpm or just binary executable I could test?21:54
poetasterEverything I do lives on github.21:54
poetasterwell. almost :)21:55
poetasteron volla, even this doesn't render (didn't test on 10ii yet).21:55
poetasterbut the app 'does' work where input is concerned, which leads me to thing it's probably mediatek.21:56
piggzpoetaster: what was the link you previously gave for where it failed21:56
malwondering when I have even tested that, I use the earlier link to test sdl upgrades for example21:56
poetasterThe one I just pasted from the savegame repo above?21:56
piggzthinking i should add permissions to my apps21:56
poetasterthat was where it segfaults.21:56
poetasterpiggz, we all have to deal with sandboxing eventually?21:57
piggzpoetaster: wasnt it
poetasteroh. damit. I thing your right.22:03
poetasterI do not get it:22:04
poetaster#ifndef IPHONE_ENABLED22:04
poetaster#define CAN_DEBUG22:04
piggzthat menas, if not defineds iphone_enabled22:04
poetasterndef. shit.22:05
piggzso, if not on iphone define can_debug22:05
poetasterI'm just not close reading. sorry.22:05
poetastermal, I'll gather a couple of examples that failed on 10ii in a repo asap.22:09
malok, thanks22:10
poetasterthank you. hopefully I don't sow confusion. too much context swiching.22:11
poetaster(now how do I convince the entire nation of france to support modal editing in godot?!!!!) good night.22:15
poetasterpiggz I'll try with the GLES3 and godot 3.5 debug on volla tomorrow. just to complicate things.22:21

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