Thursday, 2022-11-17

poetastermal, I tested the sdk sdl app on the xperia 10ii and it also doesn't render anymore. Touch input is handled correctly, but nothing is drawn.13:59
poetasterThat happens to be : #include <GLES2/gl2.h> with shaders which is my general problem domain.13:59
malI need to check the test app14:07
malpoetaster: interesting that the test app is almost the same as the glesv2 test of the repo I linked14:13
poetastermal, I think it's a good test ;) Also, the way the input handling is done will always yeild proper results. but something is odd in glesv2 land.14:22
poetastermal, on 10ii the screen wa colored brown with a blue 'thing' in the top left corner. on the volla, all was black.14:27
poetastermal, mb2 build?14:30
malit should only be single color in the test, the blue thing is the touch point14:50
malwhich show where you touched14:51
malpoetaster: btw, quite sure that sdk sdl example hasn't been fixed for new sdl14:51
malmaybe I should14:51
maltouch handling changed so the coordinates will be wrong14:51
malpoetaster: I would suggest trying the programs from the link I gave14:52
malpoetaster: you can grab it from here once it has built
malpoetaster: one question, have you tried the test app from both terminal and app grid?14:57
poetastermal, yes I tried from terminal on both devices. that gave me accurate print statements of touch imput ;)15:16
poetastermal, downloads are failing for me? trying with merproject instead of sailfishos fails with permissions.15:18
poetastermal, sorry, found another way.15:18
malyou can get those from here
poetastermal, got em. the desktop launcher doesn't work but .... /usr/bin/sdl2_opengles2_test for instance does15:24
malpoetaster: on which device? both?15:25
poetaster/usr/bin/sdl2_opengles1_test does not (volla) 10ii coming up.15:26
malgles1 doesn't work at all or just not from launcher?15:27
poetasterrenders black. on the 10ii, just renders brown.15:28
maldo you see on x10 ii the moving blue dot then you touch the screen, it should draw it to the place you touch15:29
poetasterin the gles2 examples it works for both volla and x10 ii15:30
poetastersdl2 image works on x10 ii, not not volla (image renders, touch to move logo around).15:31
malpoetaster: does it fail on volla even if you launch the program from terminal?15:31
poetastersdl mixer works on both.15:31
malany situation where you have a failure it's very important to know if it works when launched from terminal15:32
poetasteron the volla sd2_image shows that input is working but it's not rendering the images15:32
poetasterttf tests works on the x10 ii but not on volla (cli or desktop)15:34
malanything in logcat?15:34
malor other logs15:34
malcan you strace one of the failing tests?15:37
poetaster/usr/bin/sdl2_gles2_procaddr_test seems identical on both devices (glClearColor(0.3f, 0.3f, 0.6f, 1.0f))15:37
poetastervolla, sdl2_image_test
malcan you get one from a working test like one of those gles2 tests you said was working15:45
poetaster sdl2_opengles2_test which works correctly on both devices.15:47
malwas there anything in dmesg or logcat when test failed?15:53
poetasterlogcat :15:56
poetaster11-17 15:50:44.957  1003  1003 W MTK_FG  : fd < 0, init first!15:56
poetaster11-17 15:50:44.958  1003  1003 E MTK_FG  : init failed, return!15:56
poetastersec, I'll do that properly.15:56
malmake sure the same messges don't happen with a working test15:57
poetasterI need a break. I'll get back to this and try to filter. logcat is so noisy.16:00
poetaster\/system/bin/logcat *:E ?16:01
poetaster11-17 15:52:41.510 28270 28270 E mali    : ==>[INIT] (sdl2_renderer_t) CDBG: In file: vendor/mediatek/proprietary/hardware/gpu_mali/mali_bifrost/r20p0-01rel0/product/cdbg/src/mali_cdbg_env.c  line: 713 cdbgp_populate_from_system_environment16:04
poetaster11-17 15:52:41.510 28270 28270 E mali    : Initialization of a handle to the system environment failed (3)16:04
piggzmal: can sfos run an fsck on / ?17:08
piggzi mean, can it be scheduled to run from initrd17:12
piggzseems like i could do it by remounting ro17:23
poetasterpiggz, doesn't fsck run periodically/17:33
poetasterpiggz, does that mali init error suggest anything to you?17:34
piggz_poetaster: ping19:56
piggz_what problem do you have with the sdk tests? which phone?20:01
poetasteron the volla/gs5/gs290 the /usr/bin/sdl2_ttf_test and /usr/bin/sdl2_image_test don't work20:19
poetasterthose 'do' work on the x 10ii20:21
piggz_poetaster: but, all those -do- work on my v2220:30
piggz_which is gs5 right?20:30
poetasteryeah v22. I may have mixed them. too many tests. I'll re run them on the gs5 tomorrow.20:35
poetasterah, compile delay ... sec ....20:38
poetasterI did get a 3d platform test with proper physcis working on the GS5 so, who knows.20:39
poetasternope, don't work on gs5/gs290/volla20:42
poetasterbut sdl2_opengles2_test does. and as I said, gles2 works for some number of cases of works.20:42
poetasterbut this does ;)
poetasterpiggz_, I'll build a couple of test builds with godot 3.5 for you and post them. probably next week.20:53
poetastermaybe the android base on the gs5 just needs to be reflashed.20:54

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