Friday, 2022-11-18

entilis this known to cause an ssl error?
entilas a related question, why does jolla ship such an old gnupg2 that a very old repo is still an upgrade?07:00
direc85[m] There seems to be an officer, problem...07:32
malentil: was shutdown quite a while ago already, the packages that were there are in github now, the sailfish repos at least, why do you ask about that specific project?11:30
entilmal: because jolla ships some ancient gnupg2 and passilic requires a new one13:07
entilI'm not 100% sold on bitsailor or whatever the bitwarden app was called because of nodejs, but if things are too rough, I might just migrate away from the venerable pass13:08
direc85[m]@entil This perhaps?13:11
direc85[m]gnupg 2.0.4 from 200713:11
entil... I guess?13:12
entilI looked it up earlier today to compare between my older phone and xperia 10 iii, only to find that there are no aarch64 builds of yeoldegrove's suite13:13
malthe problem with that package is gpl3 license, 2.0.5 changed to gpl313:14
entilmy gut tells me I don't want to know about the details behind that, just hope there aren't going to be any real problems with a 2007 version of anything ;P13:14
entilbe that all as it may, I was hoping to find a lead to an aarch64 build but now it's too late in the day to care for now, and maybe bitwarden is the future, as much as I like `pass`13:15
direc85[m]I'll try a super-duper-quick compilation for 4.4-aarch6413:16
entil:o thank you!13:18
direc85[m]`gnupg2-2.0.4-3.aarch64.rpm` and `gnupg2-doc-2.0.4-3.aarch64.rpm` built successfully :=13:22
direc85[m]Just clone, init, update, patch and compile it13:22
entilerr, I think you built the wrong one, it's yeoldegrove's updated gnupg2 that passilic requires13:24
entilthe one I was trying to exhume from merprojects13:24
entilmaybe it's as easy to build but I doubt I have a functioning sdk or anything, so it'll have to wait13:24
entiland there are reasons for me to move to bitwarden so I should look into that nodejs thing and bitwarden's web vault as well for a fair comparison13:25
direc85[m]Yeah, I already have it installed now that I tried that :')13:26
entilfor me, using pass is mainly a nostalgia thing, and not using that sfos app is mainly a node/npm thing, but all else being equal, not having to worry about hosting git and being able to share passwords with other people when needed etc are good features for migrating13:27
Renaud[m]Actually, passilic does work with stock gnupg214:15
*** Ischwitch is now known as Ingvix15:22
entilRenaud[m]: not on my xperia 10 iii with sfos 4.4, it complains about the keys and the only thing I can discern is the gnupg2 version :O15:47
ThaodanI think it bothers everyone but we can't answers that question really besides saying the GPLv3 question hasn't be answered.20:20
ThaodanI recommend to ask at the community meeting in case you have any questions20:21
direc85[m]I think your question is the right one, but the answer isn't the one we'd like to hear...22:41

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