Sunday, 2022-11-20

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poetaster@piggz flashed volla os on the GS5 and then SFOS. there is a mount point missing. re-flash with encryption, the partition (/home) is there but the main System data partition has only 55 MB free.11:12
poetastersame thing reported in the forum:
poetasterhmmm. what's this  4429185024 Nov 20 12:06 mrdump_preallocated11:18
rubdos[m]Say there's a commercial Android app that I use for charging my car, and it crashes at a certain point when trying to charge, how do I go about debugging it?14:09
rubdos[m]App is Bonnet, and it crashes when I tap the charger that I want to start.14:10
rubdos[m]It worked before quite well.14:10
rubdos[m]Now I had to use Shell recharge, and that'll cost me the full 2.80€ more!14:10
rubdos[m]Ok wow, at home on WiFi it works14:12
attahWell, look up how to run the logcat command for the android container, and see what it says when it crashes14:16
attahAlso make sure to complain to the provider that apps are stupid for when web pages would have been enough14:17
rubdos[m]At this point, I fail to see the difference between an Android app and a web page. They're both blobs that you put into a container and execute in some isolated environment :|14:24
rubdos[m]Just happens that one runs on JVM and the other on a Javascript engine.14:24
attahbut one is cross-platform, the other isn't14:25
maltrying to force apps is odd sometimes, for example my bank doesn't require app but if you have it installed then monthly fee is lower so I have it installed but never use it which doesn't really make any sense14:26
maland for me using app would be more complicated since I export data from accounts regularly to keep statistics how I use money on my computer so with app I would have to copy the data one more time if there even is easy way to export that in the app14:29
poetasterpiggz, this is weird. If you DON'T use home encryption. No home partition is created on the GS5.16:33
poetasterpiggz[m], it's a pita since I don't want crypto on the home partition (what I want encrypted, I encrypt with gnupg).16:33
piggz[m]hmmm, thats odd, i would have thought it would have16:39
piggz[m]rinigus ^^16:40
riniguspoetaster: that's because you don't have LVM either. as you use loopback device on / partition, there is no need to make it if there is nothing to encrypt. cc: piggz16:41
piggz_rinigus: ah, so if incyrption isnt chosen, it doesnt create a loopback mount with just a regular filesystem?16:42
poetasterrinigus, but that doesn't make sense as a work flow. Then I'd rather not have encryption, or deal with it myself aftwords (ie. build my own luks volume) this way, I'm forced to use a home crypt not kowing anything about it.16:43
poetasterand you can't touch android user data without losing home.16:43
riniguspiggz_: yes. creation of loopback adds limits and partitions your storage. that way nobody is gonna complain regarding "why my root is so small, what have you done to me"16:44
poetasterpiggz, on the bright side, since reflashing vollaos, the SIM issue is gone.16:44
piggz_rinigus: however, in this case its prefereble, because / in inside the super partition (like lvm but not) ... and i put the home loopback on /data16:45
poetasterrinigus, in this you winde up with ONLY an almost full 8GB partition and the rest of your internal space is not used.16:46
riniguspoetaster: I don't follow. what is "forced to use home crypt ..."? source is out there :)16:46
piggz_poetaster: solution, just say yes to encrypted home :)16:46
poetasterpiggz_, yeah, I did that. But then couldn't use the system since / was full. wiped android user data, and had to start over ;-(16:46
poetasterrinigus, piggz_ it's just luks, right?16:47
piggz_why was / full? i made it bigger than normal16:47
piggz_yes, luks encryption16:47
poetasterpiggz_, it's your image! or it was vollaOS ?16:47
piggz_its my partition layout16:47
riniguspiggz_: that's rather odd setup (data somewhere else)... but if you say so and its better to keep loopback device then it has to be introduced somehow16:48
poetasterhmm. probably because /home was in / and all kinds of stuff got written to it.16:48
riniguspoetaster: yes, it is luks.16:48
piggz_poetaster: ah, / fulled up when you didnt have encrypted home16:49
poetasterpiggz, maybe a note from you on the forum 1. format user data first, 2. encrypt home.16:49
piggz_rinigus: ill try and add an option to the config to force a loopback mount16:49
poetasterrinigus, I meant 'forced' since I was assuming piggz installer worked as always (on the GS290, Volla) where you could skip the crypto. Had I known, I wouldn't have had to do this N time.s16:51
poetasterpiggz_, thanks for the note!16:53
poetasterI'm just a bit tired of setting up phones cause I smashed :)16:54
poetastersmashed a phone unintentionally, that is. but I also appear to be smashed. good night!21:57

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