Monday, 2022-11-21

poetasteranyone know what I've screwed up now: Permission to access '' denied.19:08
poetaster[adaptation-common|plugin:ssu?repo=adaptation-common] Valid metadata not found at specified URL19:09
malit's known issue, I mentioned it internally19:11
poetasterI, so it's not me!? a wonder indeed :) thanks.19:14
malI also got that error when I tested on my device19:14
poetasterok. thanks.19:17
poetasterseems like network issue.19:17
poetasterpiggz_, weirdest thing. I did clean installs of GS290 and GS5 and both of them have screwed up webviews (looks like qtwebkit).19:19
piggz_poetaster: how do you managet this ? :D21:18
piggz_any update on godot?21:18

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