Tuesday, 2022-11-22

schmittlauchhehim[m]Hey, could it be that some Jolla repos are down right now? URLs like https://releases.jolla.com/releases/ (for the adaptation-common repo) and https://releases.jolla.com/jolla-apps/ (for the apps repo) throw a HTTP 403 error for me.00:42
schmittlauchhehim[m]Ah nevermind, poetaster had already mentioned it, sorry.00:43
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dcalisteHello pvuorela, just a word maybe, if you still have the time for, about the process to be able to use Incidence directly in the calendar manager.08:31
pvuoreladcaliste: hey, sure.08:35
dcalisteThanks, the current situation is:08:35
dcaliste- the worker in a thread contains Incidence in a Calendar, it is doing operations like converting these into EventData and listing Occurrences for each dates in the loaded ranges,08:37
dcaliste- the manager is taking a copy of these EventData and may fetch some additional info like attendees asynchronously,08:37
dcaliste- when we want to add support for a new capability from KCalendarCore (multi alarm support, todos…) we need to add these in EventData and add the copy operations from Incidence, while basically there is a 1:1 mapping between our EventData and Incidence.08:39
dcalisteThe open question I'm wondering about is "can we somehow avoid the duplication, while still delegating DB operation and other costly operations to a worker thread ?" Now that's where I'm working:08:40
dcaliste- implement behind the ExtendedStorage API an asynchronous access to the DB with a worker thread.08:41
dcalisteBut it is raising some difficulties:08:41
dcaliste- some operations done by the calendar worker are not DB centred but still costly, like the computation of all occurrences for given dates, or sending email for meeting events.08:42
dcaliste- some operations done by mKCal are not related to DB access neither like the alarm handling with timed, but requires some additional calls to the DB (like when a notebook is nodified, one need to get a list of all DB event if the visibility is switch on).08:44
dcalisteI've now an implementation of the ExtendedStorage API done async that is working fairly well, but I'm wondering how to solve the two mentioned difficulties. This is not a question I'm waiting an answer for, don't worry, but mostly to expose the problem and trying to make it clear.08:45
dcalisteDuring the long break to come from your side, pvuorela, I'll try to address these issues and see if I can go somewhere with these.08:46
dcalisteSo it was mostly to keep you inform about the process and open questions at the moment.08:46
pvuorelaalright. sounds like there is need for some threading anyhow.08:47
dcalisteThe code is currently in a branch on my fork in Github. The branch is misleadingly named "cleanup".08:47
dcalisteIndeed, and I'm wondering at the moment if the alarm code for timed for instance should run in the worker thread or in a dedicated thread by itself.08:48
dcalisteThe first is obviously better, but it means that the DB thread operation is not an implementation detail anymore, but should be exposed in a way.08:48
dcalisteThe second option solves certain problem, but requires more synchronisation between the DB worker thread and the Timed thread, which may be fragile and requires much more copies.08:52
dcalisteSo that's the kind of issues I'm facing at the moment, but I'll have time to experiment different solutions ;)08:53
pvuorelaalright :)08:53
poetasterpiggz[m], can you think of any  reason why sailfish-components-webview-qt5 would no longer render mobile? I have a feeling like I downgraded something, but I checked and re-installed latest.09:08
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henkhuh, I think I have another idea what might be causing my "swiping right in an sms message shows the wrong contact"-issue. I sent and received sms messages with a contact yesterday (let’s say "adam") and kept them open. then today I received a sms message from a different contact (let’s say "bob") and "opened it" from the notifications screen. swiping right to left opened the12:53
henkcontact screen for "adam", though. switching back (swiping left-to-righ) to the sms messages overview, selecting "bob’s" messages, then again swiping right-to-left, then opens "bob’s" contact screen.12:53
henkbit hard to try to reproduce, I need two other people (or phones) to write me messages …12:53
piggz[m]<poetaster> "piggz, can you think of any..." <- What have you done? 😂12:55
poetasterthat's a good question. but it seems odd that it could be the same on two different phones! I'm guessing that I overwrote something in .local/share while recovering stuff.12:56
poetasterbut I cherry pick, or so I thought. Now I just flashed and discovered the august image is still a broken gs290 . damn it, dman it, damn it.12:58
poetasterI don't get it. that was the latest image I downloaded for sfe-yggdrasil/Sailfish_OS/13:00
henkdoes anyone happen to have two phones and can help me test whether this behaviour is reproducible?13:02
direc85[m]The repos seem to be back up again13:05
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poetasterhenk, I can write you a message14:50
poetasterbut only from one number ;-(14:50
henkpoetaster: when my GF is available, she can be the second … currently when I swipe from her message r2l (right-to-left), I get to her contact. can you /query me your number so I can create a "contacts" entry for you? I guess that’s required for it to work …14:52
poetasterpiggz[m], I'm not mad. Fresh install. ssu to .72 , no funny b'ness. install a webview equipped app (or two) and watch them fail. that's on the GS290 ....16:12
poetasterI should have stayed at Akido and done an hour of rolling around ... ;)16:13
piggz_poetaster: so, i need to understand of this is a port or an app issue ... does the browser work ok?18:17
poetasterpiggz_, the browser seems fine. but apps that use and embedded webview are not. Well, the old QtWebkit ones behave as expected :)18:18
poetasterBut I don't see how it could be the port per se if it's volla and the 22?18:19
poetasterjust booting my smashed, reference device where this all 'just worked'18:20
poetasteralso GS290 and there, in fact, every thing works as expected. I'll try to isolate the difference. The GS5 threw me.18:22
poetasterdon't get it. these devices contain the same foo. Ok. I'll go through all the packages first, but I think there identical since I ref/up all the time.18:26
poetasterpiggz_, the webview and the browser are two different beasts. for 9 months I've been posting bug reports about stuff that works in browser but not in webview (audio, certain JS, incorrect inner-width, blah, blah).18:28
piggz_poetaster: are you using sailfish.webview?18:44
poetasterpiggz_, yes, I've been fixing various things in apps with that. for instance, login on tooter, webviews of articles in tidings, etc.18:55
poetasterpiggz_, on the GS5, the godot 3.2 builds which work on the GS290 do not work. but that's another wrinkle.18:58
poetasterpiggz_, maybe I'm on developer instead of testing. I was dead certain, but?19:01
piggz_i dont think it should matter19:02
poetasterpiggz_, yeah, it's kind of standard. one thing I noted on the last flash, when updating from .68. .72 I got a number of hybris related downgrades which looked odd.19:04
poetasterThe following 16 packages are going to be downgraded:19:05
poetaster  libargon2 libargon2-tools libgbinder libKF5Archive5 libsfosdevenc libtls-padding pulseaudio-modules-droid-jb2q pulseaudio-modules-droid-jb2q-common sailfish-device-encryption-community19:05
poetaster  sailfish-device-encryption-community-droid sailfish-device-encryption-community-generator sailfish-device-encryption-community-service sailfish-device-encryption-community-settings19:05
poetaster  sailfish-device-encryption-community-wizard sailfish-fpd-community systemd-ask-password-gui19:05
poetasterThe following package is going to be reinstalled:19:05
poetaster  lipstick-qt519:06
poetasterThe following package is going to change vendor:19:06
poetaster  qtscenegraph-adaptation  meego -> chum19:06
poetasterMust get child to bed.19:06
poetasternot hybris related.19:08
poetasterpiggz_, malfunctioning have stuff like: i|adaptation-community|droid-config-yggdrasil-preinit-plugin|0.0.2-1.1.4.jolla|aarch6420:06
poetasterfuntioning: i|@System|droid-config-yggdrasil-preinit-plugin|0.0.2-1.1.1.jolla|aarch6420:06
poetasterworking, and not working:20:13
piggzHengYe[m]: PP keyboard works on the the pro, just need to make it work on the original21:25
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