Wednesday, 2022-11-23

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poetasterpiggz[m], my guess is that one device with .72, the one which has properly working webview is a .68 component. I may have done zypper up instead of zypper dup.07:11
poetasterpiggz[m], the essential differences. the older packages are from the device with functional webview but I believe it was an incomplete upgrade :) works better than a clean install!08:08
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jules[m]Hi all, i bought a refurbished xoeria 10 iii, i seems that is a demo phone, phone work, but I can't validate OEM Unlock in the developper interface, the option is gray. Anybody already have this problem15:44
jules[m]When i try fastboot oem, i have operation not allow as result15:45
jules[m]phone works fine, but I want sailfishos on it ...15:45
direc85[m]I had the same issue but I can't recall why it was like that... It was something "stupid"...15:59
direc85[m]Have a SIM card inserted? Set up a unlock code or swipe?16:00
jules[m]sim card yes16:03
jules[m]no lock code16:03
direc85[m]Is that listed in the unlock instructions Jolla provides?16:04
jules[m]nothing about this error16:20
EttoreChimenti[m]Hi everyone, I'm working on a porting of QtMozembed (and gecko-dev) on Yocto.  The main blocker is using 78esr baseline instead of using official 68esr from meta-browser. Has anyone any experience on this (or any advice)?17:04
EttoreChimenti[m]Here is some initial work
attahEttoreChimenti[m]: Using a version that it was never done for... you probably can't expect much help there17:12
attah60 or 78 are your options if you intend to follow along...17:12
EttoreChimenti[m]attah: 60 could be very interesting option17:13
poetasterpiggz[m], don't know if you saw this: the diff between functional webview (and everything else) and dis.20:29
piggzpoetaster: whats that gmp package?20:31
piggzeverything else looks like it shouldnt really be an issue20:32
piggzgmp would affect webview media playback20:32
poetasteryeah, I wasn't sure if it was relevant. took a while to whittle it down.20:33
poetasterThe weird thing is that qtmozembed and the webview stuff was identical on both phones.20:33
poetaster(all three phones).20:33
poetasterI'm thinking of downgrading the GS290 to .68 to see what happens.20:34
poetasterbut maybe it's in patterns-sailfish-device-configuration-common20:34
poetasterthat was what had killed my browser (was missing) on the volla phone when I update to .7220:36
poetasterany ideas where to hunt? It's a blocker for me, currently.20:51
piggzi dont .. what apps do i need to test it in?21:11
piggzand on which device/version?21:11
jules[m]<direc85[m]> "Is that listed in the unlock..." <- found solution, after a fresh flash android wait 1 min to load the retail app that lock the oem...21:41
jules[m]so with lots of try and quick finger21:41
jules[m]i could activate developper mode and unlock the phone..21:41
poetasterpiggz, fast and dirty tests, moremahjong, allthenews ... tidings is more work.21:45
poetasterpiggz, downgrade to .64 fixes it. now to do ssu to .72 BUT not do zypper dup ONLY zypper up and fix the camera :)21:46
poetasterthe blocker is that some apps, like tooter, have a webview for login. some like mahjong ARE a webview. but moremahjong is broken by jolla,21:47
poetasterso just test allthenews.21:47
poetasterpiggz, both GS290/Volla and GS5 have the same problem. I don't think there is a .64 for GS5, or?21:56
poetasterheh. I rock.22:08
piggzgo on22:08
poetasterpiggz, downgrade to .64 (with zypper dup) then upgrade to .72 (with zypper up) get's you a functioning webview AND working camera (etc). so.....22:09
piggzpoetaster: if you type zypper dup, what are the propsed changes ?22:10
poetasterOh, I do not recall, but I think it includes the adaptation foo which is somehow at fault.22:11
poetastershall I try the command to see?22:12
poetaster  qtscenegraph-adaptation?22:14
piggzhmmm, mayb22:16
poetasterpiggz, sailfish-device-encryption-community-droid otherwise, I'm stumped.22:19
poetasterIn any case, I'm back in business.22:19
poetasterwell, not on the GS5. that's a doorstop. But I can't get GLE2 godot 3.2 to run on it, so I"m putting it on the back burner.22:20
poetasterah, encryption. nah. it's qtscenegraph.22:21
poetasterok. off to be. I'm up at 6.22:21
poetasterthanks all!22:21
piggzpoetaster: get us a modified godot build!22:24
poetasterpiggz, working on it.22:34

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