Thursday, 2022-11-24

poetasterpiggz[m], I spoke too soon. I don't get it :)08:24
poetasterpiggz, went back to a flashed .64 also solves this issue:
piggzhmm, so my issue or jolla issue?13:16
poetasterah, it's a bloody good question. Both, I'm afraid.13:18
poetasterThe .72 10ii install has that issue I linked here. But none of the other issues which appear on your .72 volla/gs290/gs5 ...13:19
poetasterhtml 6beta4, wasm, ecmascript93859-2 what could possibly go wrong.13:20
poetasterpiggz, I'll leave you alone until I've figured it out ;)13:21
malpoetaster: I checked changelog of webview between .64 and .72 and there were couple of changes, one is this
poetastermal, I'll go through them all. tags?13:28
mal1.5.9-1.19.1.jolla --
poetasterthank you!13:29
malbtw, you can find those in forum
poetasterChangelog is your friend.13:30
malpoetaster: any chance the app doesn't set component size or something as it should?13:41
HengYeDev[m]on the pinephone, when i wake the phone it shuts down with the "goodbye" message after about 4 seconds14:56
poetastermal, it's possible but various. some cases webview is top level in Page, anchored to parent and sometimes it's in a SilcaFlickable. Generally anchors.fill: parent14:59
poetastermal, as a 'rule' a web component can't be but scaled to fill parent. In the case where I use webview, that's allways true.15:02
poetasterHengYeDev[m], did your package arrive yet?16:40
HengYe[m]nope poetaster16:42
poetasterdamn. it's only one ocean.16:42
poetastermal, piggz[m] for reference I posted some examples of .64 vs. .72, volla/gs and x10ii
poetasterThat ticket is reporting the self reporting of javascript running in a webview. demonstrable is that the values are correct in portairt, not in landscape. sigh.17:00
Thaodanpoetaster: Thanks for fixing tooter.17:29
ThaodanBesides some small issues it feels really polished.17:29
poetasterThaodan, oh, it's just the beginning, I fear.17:33
poetasterThaodan, ah, just lots of 'small' things. audio doesn't play, can't select server on start, edits not possible. but I like using it :)17:34
Thaodanpoetaster:  hm for me server selection works just fine17:34
ThaodanBut yeah the small things I've noticed.17:35
Thaodanfor example there's no "me" page, it is hard to get to the navigation bar, I noticed the missing edits.17:35
ThaodanThe option to disable or enable images is a little missleading17:36
poetasterThaodan, yeah, profile you also can't edit :)17:36
Thaodannotifications don't use the app icon17:36
poetasterOk, will you add them to the issues ;)17:36
malpoetaster: want to test something? no idea if it can affect anything17:47
poetastermal, sure17:48
malpoetaster: try defining the physical size as done here the values are in millimeters17:49
malthen reboot and see if anything changes17:49
poetasterthis is webview, not opengl, right :) I'm swapping too many devices and problems at once.17:50
malpoetaster: yes but if something in the system doesn't know physical size it could make it think it's desktop device?17:51
malin theory at least17:51
poetastermal, the height I have is 130 or are you suggesting fo the 10ii?17:53
poetasterah, that's from the fairphone2. so, just a fixed arbirary width?17:53
malpoetaster: I mean in the forum you said "the .72 GS290/Volla/GS5 are rendered as if the user agent where desktop"17:53
malfor those devices17:53
poetasterok. rebooting.17:54
malmeasure the physical size of the screen, add the values to the config file and test17:54
poetasterthankfully the GS5 is really fast. that does not have any effect on the rendering in webview.17:57
poetasterist it really in mm?17:58
poetaster so 65 mm x 130 mm in the GS5 case?17:58
poetasterso, who'se brilliant idea .....17:59
malwhy is it not a good idea?17:59
poetasterI'm just prepped by the issue of dpi in relation to printing on paper substrates. and 6 colour separations, mounting plates on presses ;)18:01
poetasterso, according to spec. 67x145 .....18:02
poetasterI must admit I'm not up to speed on the meaning of ppi (per inch!) and it's relation to reality.18:03
maljournal log might actually tell if it can find physical size18:03
poetasterlipstick stil looks good :)18:04
maljust strange that x10 II worked fine for you so it suggests some adaptation issue18:05
poetasterwell, the x10 has one problem in common with the GS290/GS5 ... in landscape. and this is not device but qtmozembed or the like.18:06
poetasterSo, I think it's two different issues. One of which is port specific and one of which is webview library specific.18:07
malI don't quite understand what that landscape issue is18:07
poetasterthe javascript run time get's wrong values back for screen height when the phone is in landscape mode.18:08
poetasterI wrote a page that spits out what js thinks - something like this comes out: window.innerHeight  = 780, screen.height = 78018:09
poetasterwhen the actual values are: window.innerHeight  = 360, screen.height = 78018:10
poetasterBUT, this is not the same issue as with the desktop display. That's what's so infuriating.18:10
poetasterAt least I have ONE device now where everyting (excpet video recording) works ;)18:11
malthere is also QT_QPA_EGLFS_WIDTH and height for size values in pixels if for some reason some low level part is not returning valid values, unlikely though18:11
poetasterwhich logs should I check (the physical units check out).18:12
poetasteris there a keyword?18:13
Thaodanpoetaster:  journalctl -f -u user@100000.service18:14
Thaodanthat should limit the output to the user session.18:14
poetasterThaodan, but we're at hardware init or?18:15
poetasterwhich should preceede the user foo?18:16
ThaodanThe qpa plugin is loaded per app.18:16
ThaodanSo you can change those while starting the app in the shell to test.18:16
poetasterah. ok.18:21
poetasterCan't find symbol 'eglCreateDeviceANGLE'. and Release is missing hmmm.18:23
malafaik that is normal18:24
malthe first one at least18:24
poetasterneato. first time I've heard sound from this app in a year!18:24
poetaster(sorry, otherwise broken, but it made a sound!)18:24
poetasterit is however only broken in landscape18:25
poetasterpiggz[m], "/android/vendor/lib/hw/" is 32-bit instead of 64-bit18:25
poetasterThaodan, mal there's nothing interesting in the logs. well, the audio errors are ALSO an issue.18:26
poetastermal, to see the common issue (only in landscape mode)
malpoetaster: the values I mentioned were about the desktop mode issue18:30
malnot about landscape18:30
poetastermal, sure, but the same app, moremahjong in Portrait mode on the GS5 with the adjusted values still behaves as if it were a desktop browser18:31
maljust to be sure, test also setting the other values I mentioned18:32
malbecause desktop mode issue must be related to some part of the system not knowing some size of the display18:32
poetastermal, yes18:33
poetastermal, no difference.18:36
poetasterstrange. it has the correct values in portrait.18:36
poetastersorry, too many devices.18:37
mal"it has the correct values in portrait" what does that mean18:38
poetasterdamn it. the gs5 network leaves something to be desired.18:46
poetastermal, piggz[m] in the functional volla those values are unset. hmmm19:58
poetastermal, when the device is in portrait, the webview displays content AND javacript returns height/width values which make sense (1080x1920 for insance).19:59
poetasterIt's all laid out in detail in the ticket link I posted. If you would prefer, I'll send you an app that demonstrates it with javscript writing to the display on orientation changes.20:00
poetasterin short:20:02
poetasterwindow.innerWidth  = 780, screen.width = 36020:02
poetasterwindow.innerHeight  = 780, screen.height = 78020:02
poetasterwhat's wrong with this picture? (orientation landscape).20:02
poetaster'correct values' would be 780/780 and 360/36020:04
poetasterin portrait orientation:20:04
poetasterwindow.innerWidth  = 360, screen.width = 36020:04
poetasterwindow.innerHeight  = 780, screen.height = 78020:04
poetasterthe correctness of which is self-evident from the proportions.20:05
EttoreChimenti[m]<attah> "60 or 78 are your options if you..." <- Trying to compile on 60.9esr, I get some problems as system cairo 16.0 is not compiled with Qt bindings (getting errors on QPainter).20:33
EttoreChimenti[m]In mozconfig I see `ac_add_options --enable-default-toolkit=cairo-qt`, is it possible to use a different toolkit?20:33
attahAre you asking if QtMozembed can work without Qt? O.o20:35
EttoreChimenti[m]attah: Of course not :) Just asking if there is an other way. If not, there is a known procedure to compile cairo bindings with qt5?20:37
attahRecompile the system cairo with the needed bindings?20:38
EttoreChimenti[m]On Yocto seems like there is no option
EttoreChimenti[m]Do you know which version is used to compile qtmozembed for esr60?20:39
attahNo idea, and no experience... but should be evident from the related repos20:39
attahPresumably it is the very latest minor version, like what we have on 7820:40
attahOr which version of what?20:40
EttoreChimenti[m]It's very strange as cairo 1.17 removed all qt bindings20:42
ThaodanI'm not sure if Qmozembedded is the same as the cairo qt backend that firefox had20:43
Thaodanthat was a nokia thing for on the desktop20:43
attahSo perhaps (at least) the 78 port has another means of rendering20:44
EttoreChimenti[m]I don't see any switch for Qt even here
EttoreChimenti[m]I'm very confused at this point20:44
attahWe should really pester flypig about this :=)20:48
EttoreChimenti[m]Is it possible that cairo can be compiled against Qt4 and be still compatible with Qt5?20:48
ThaodanQmozembbed talks to mozembedded and this is used in the browser20:48
Thaodanthe cairo thing was an enterily different thing20:49
EttoreChimenti[m]Do you know why Qt complains about not finding references to QPainting (which are in the cairo package, but disabled by default and impossible to enable)?20:52
ThaodanIdk I wouldn't waste time on it.20:52
* EttoreChimenti[m] sent a code block:
EttoreChimenti[m] * ```... (full message at <>)20:53
EttoreChimenti[m]Thaodan: Me neither, seems really difficult to make it work in this environment20:54
ThaodanEttoreChimenti[m]:  Here watch this if you want to know more about the api behind the sailfish browser:
ThaodanWhat you are trying is something else enterily20:56
EttoreChimenti[m]My goal is to compile the Qtmozembed module to be embedded in a Qt application20:57
Thaodanthan you don't need cairo with qt20:58
ThaodanYou have to compile Qtmozembed and the gecko used by sfos20:58
EttoreChimenti[m]It's what I'm trying to do, am I missing something?21:00
EttoreChimenti[m]I am using the commands, patches and the configs found in the rpm folder21:01
EttoreChimenti[m]<attah> "We should really pester flypig..." <- flypig: can you please advice?21:15
ThaodanYou have to wait till tomorrow21:19
ThaodanAbout: Cairo I was wrong however the browser uses intree cairo I think.21:21
EttoreChimenti[m]Thanks for today:)21:24
poetasteranyone who wants to observ webview behaviour: install and rotate through the orientations. boring. but boring.21:26
poetastergoes to get beer.21:26
poetasterI do think it has something todo with mozembeded.21:29
poetasterThaodan, I was just wondering you had mentioned being able to select which mastodon instance?21:34
Thaodanpoetaster: You mean for login? Yes.21:35
* Thaodan is away dinner21:35

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