Friday, 2022-11-25

poetasterTest tool:
EttoreChimenti[m]Thaodan: here's the meta-layer I've been working on:
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poetastermal, - Updated : 1.53.20-1.31.8.jolla -- 1.53.22-1.32.2.jolla is where things go wrong. I've asked flypig on one commit. testing before that change, the orientation is known to the webview, thereafter, the orientation change does not propagate.10:04
poetasterpiggz[m], it's not a platform thing.10:05
piggz[m]Not my problem?10:07
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ektor5[m]Hi Giuseppe Pagano11:07
GiuseppePagano[m]Hi Ektor511:07
malpoetaster: does that desktop mode issue happen with old also or just with new?11:17
poetasterjust with the new11:27
poetasterpiggz[m], no.11:28
malpoetaster: could that be because of
maland the other issue because of
poetastermal, yes, likely both but I  haven't looked at QGuiApplication::primaryScreen() yet to see where window.screen.orientation.type get's set.11:38
malI still suspect the desktop mode issue could be adaptation issue11:42
malpoetaster: did x10 II work correctly in both cases or did it have the orientation bug?11:43
poetasterthe x10 II has the orientation bug, resulting in off screen rendering. in the 'portrait-primary' orientation it renders 'correctly'. that is the css media rules are applied (which is variable but generally just a propertion thing)11:55
poetastermal, it's possible. I also tried removing all #QT_QPA values (I just commented them). I'm leaving that to see if anything else happens.11:58
poetasterpiggz[m], did you see the audio error?11:58
poetasterpiggz[m], never mind, I'll dig more.12:04
piggz[m]For the we issue, did u try start at .68, ssu re 72, then only update web components?12:13
poetasterthe GS290 was a .. .68 .. .72 initially then I screwed about. the GS5 I think you only have a .72?12:15
poetasterpiggz[m], I have the one 290 at .64 now where all is well. I guess I could inch up, but then i can't get any work done :)12:16
poetasterwell, I can do a number of things using the 10 II but it's kind of suck.12:17
ViGepoetaster: did you do it on purpose that your testapp renders all the useful information in the not-visible part of the window when it doesn't work like it should...? :)12:25
poetasterViGe, ah, I was in a hurry.12:25
poetasterViGe, did you build it or are you talking about the old link from yesterday?12:26
ViGeI'm talking about
poetasterViGe, thanks. I was just looking at adding some bits, but I keep being distracted by the day job :)12:30
poetasterViGe, it's also painful to develop since any change to the html causes the app to segfault (regardless of target device).12:35
ViGeInteresting, rotating the phone in the opposite direction the top part of the page becomes visible.12:36
ViGeI don't get segfaults, maybe that's some bug which has been already fixed.12:37
poetasterViGe, I lie. I does not segfault on the 10ii. it segfaults on the .64 volla which is missing a patch to stop that ;)12:40
poetasterViGe, so right you are.12:40
poetasterViGe, are you testing on a 10iii ?12:41
ViGeyes I am12:41
poetasterin landscape-secondary, phon turned 90 right, the 'top' is visible. 90 left, landscape-primary and the top is off the screen.12:42
poetasteryou will note that the orientation indicated when 90 right is still 'portrait-primary'. and that width and height are equal.12:43
ViGeso it seems12:44
ViGestarting the app in landscape mode gives "landscape-primary" with top visible. Turning the phone changes the indicated orientation to portrait-primary, but then turning it back doesn't change it again.12:47
ViGeThat's really weird behaviour12:47
poetasterYeah, it's been driving me nuts :)12:49
poetasterVige, just pushed change to ensure a display of values is always visible.13:08
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HengYe[m]is down?17:55
HengYe[m]also, jolla store still gives No OS version and packages satisfy package requirements: Requirement not available Requirement sailfishsecretsdaemon-secretsplugins-default not available Requirement not available17:56
poetasterHengYe[m], build.merproject.org17:57
poetasterdns issue.17:58
piggz[m]Heng Ye approved19:15
piggzpoetaster: on the .72 10ii which works, what verison is qtscenegraph-adaptation ?19:27
poetasterpiggz, on the 10ii the problem is very likely that the webview is not passing on an event change (signal being blocked). The scenegraph version is the same on all cases.19:57
poetasterThe additional issue on the volla/gs290 is that even if the 'real' pixel values (confirmed) are known the widget still behaves as if it was desktop. very strange.19:58
poetasterI'm so verbose.19:59
piggzpoetaster: ok, just that the only real package change i made on those devices between 64 and 72 was to update that from 0.7.6 to 0.8.020:33
piggzso, on those devices, that package is newer than on  the 10ii20:34
poetasterpiggz[m], ok, I think it's not unlikely that both problems, scale and orientation are in qtmozembed though mal's reticence I understand.23:59

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