Saturday, 2022-11-26

malpoetaster: well the other change did affect dpi value so it seems a likely candidate00:00
malpoetaster: was scale ok with downgraded qtmozembed?00:01
ilpianistapiggz: FYI when I submit a new request in OBS, it performs a POST request via HTTP even if I'm using https://build.merproject.org14:43
masonHi all. Looking at I get the impression that the Xperia is what I want to look at for a phone I can use with Sailfish in the US. Is this a correct impression? Is there other hardware I want to consider? I'm on AT&T if that matters.17:33
attahIf you are a regular user you want to look here
attahAnd just FYI, US operators all use the same tech nowadays anyway17:40
attahBut do look at band support (don't expect others to do that for you)17:42
masonattah: I thought Jolla expressly didn't sell/ship to the US...?17:48
ThaodanCommunity ports should work.17:48
mason seemed like there were a lot of bands missing if that's accurate17:48
attahThere is no shipping involved... and appearing like you are elsewhere is a non-issue17:49
attahMost people will want the paid features (which ports don't have)17:49
ThaodanThere are some issues left to tackle regarding law, e.g. risk of suits and such17:49
attahcommunity ports that is17:49
Thaodanbut best to ask in the community meeting17:49
ThaodanBut there are ways around it..17:50
mason"Sailfish X is currently available in the countries of the European Union, UK, Norway and Switzerland ("Authorized Countries") and the use of our website and services to purchase Sailfish X outside of the Authorized Countries is prohibited."17:50
attahThat's up to your conscience17:51
masonAnyway, I assume the "software updates as long as device is supported" on refers to the notion that someone has to build it, and that's not guaranteed for the community release...?17:51
masonattah: My conscience has me only doing things that are within established law, with the next step being pushing to change said law if it's unjust in some way.17:52
attahFor community *ports*, that is true17:52
masonIs there a list of ports out there? I only saw the Xperia stuff on the wiki.17:53
attahI honestly haven't seen one that was maintained :/17:54
masonFWIW, my interest is in finding a reliable platform that is expressly *not* Android or iOS. I'd have wanted Symbian back in the day.17:54
masonBeing in the US seems like an impediment to most of the things that seem like good answers. :P17:55
attahIn my, not entirely humble, opinion Sailfish is the only option then17:55
entil(love the broken link to in the docs ;P)17:55
Thaodantry the active ports are all listed here.17:55
masonThaodan: Thanks!17:56
ThaodanIt's a little messy because there are no stick posts there thou17:57
attahNot exactly a list... but sure, correct17:57
masonLots of Xperia.17:57
masonI'll start poking around anyway. I'm looking for a long-term solution, so there's no great rush.17:58
ThaodanThere are ideas the list from the mer wiki to the new wiki17:58
masonBut from what I see so far, yeah, Sailfish seems like what I want.17:58
Thaodanfeel free to asj17:58
masonI will. Thank you.17:59
entilfwiw I got an xperia 10 iii recently with sfos as my work phone and it's miraculously awesome, and I took a black-friday gamble on a 10iv for my personal phone, so hoping hard there's an sfos release coming ;) don't know what other phones are like, but with these I feel I don't have to care18:02
masonI hope it works out. :)18:02
entilmal did good work with the fp2 back in the day, but at least either of my phones really needs android support and I got dismayed about the sustainable repairability aspect when fairphone stopped supplying parts for the phone that really shouldn't have broken18:03
entil*either one of my phones18:03
masonUgh, Fairphone's dropped support for phones they sold? Also super hard to get in the US, but that's not what they wanted their reputation to be as I understood it.18:03
entilfairphone never had official support18:03
masonSo their supplying parts was only ever aspirational or best-effort?18:04
entilI did drool a bit over an fp4 at the phone store the other day, but I wasn't into buying one, because of reasons, one of which is lacking android18:04
entilmason: naah, they did deliver until they ran out of steam and didn't18:04
masonAndroid support is not a requirement here, FWIW. Really, I'm still bitter BlackBerry stopped security support for their OS.18:05
entilthe way you'd want to do that is license the manufacture of spares so buyers aren't locked into one vendor, imo18:05
ThaodanFor me Fairphones were never my thing, the are not really that eco, their hackablity is somewhat less compared to sony18:05
entilbut the build quality, or component quality, wasn't super impressive considering I needed a spare to begin with - it was the bottom mic - so I had to talk on the phone with speakers on like a teenage girl18:06
entilI like the right-to-repair idea a lot but without official or even unofficial sailfish releases, someone else will keep the company afloat18:06
entilif I was an aosp user, I might have a completely different opinion18:07
Thaodanfrom pov Fairphone embracing google just a double edged sword, I understand their decision but it doesn't align in with goal of their mission18:09
Thaodanthat they removed the head phone jack on their recent device doesn't come good either18:09
entilin the fp2 days it was just a default, allegedly aosp worked just as fine, and sailfish was fine if android wasn't required18:09
entilnot sure what their mission entails, but focusing on sustainable hardware means you can align yourself with whatever software corporations you want, be they perceived evil or not, just people like me would want to see these things go together18:11
entiland because that idealism doesn't manifest itself in the real world, good guy sony is doing us all a favor18:11
ThaodanI get that but then I can also go to other vendors that sell hardware for better prices, give me updates longer etc.18:12
entilall we gotta do is hope good guy jolla pushes out a port for the 10iv then :D18:13
ThaodanI have an Xperia 1 III, Xperia 1/5 IV  left to port to :D18:14

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