Sunday, 2022-11-27

Solrac[m]<Thaodan> "I have an Xperia 1 III, Xperia 1..." <- eyo?00:00
b100dian[m]Aren't these requiring hybris support for Android 12?12:16
ektor5[m]<ektor5[m]> "flypig: can you please advice?" <- Can anyone help on this topic?20:04
flypigektor5[m], I didn't get a chance to recap on my IRC history yet I'm afraid. Could you recap what the issue is please?20:06
flypigOr would it be better if I read back through the ogs?20:07
attahflypig: i might be guilty, sec20:09
ektor5[m]I can do a brief recap:20:09
ektor5[m]I'm trying to compile the xulrunner-qt libraries on Yocto from the sfos gecko-dev repository, but I'm experiencing various problems20:09
ektor5[m]Probably due to my ignorance on the Mozilla build requirements and dependencies20:10
flypigOkay, that sounds like an interesting project. So, mostly dependency problems?20:10
flypigThanks attah.20:10
ektor5[m]My latest problem is the dependency on Cairo 1.16, on Yocto seems it is not being compiled with Qt options20:11
ektor5[m]We are using Qt 5.15, but seems that Cairo somehow requires Qt4 to compile with the Qt option20:12
attahWhich may not actually be needed, even if it sounded logical... and flypig would know right away20:13
ektor5[m]The final goal is to compile Qtmozembed to being able to integrate a browser into a Qt application20:14
ektor5[m]Running on Wayland/Weston20:14
attahFrom following discussion it even sounded unlikely... but something (i.e. not you) was adding qt options, correct?20:14
ektor5[m]It seems that the Qt bindings in gecko-dev require some functions defined in Cairo, but they are disabled by default20:17
* ektor5[m] sent a code block:
flypigOkay, one second, let me take a look.20:17
ektor5[m]Thanks 👍20:18
flypigcairo-dev is needed I'm afraid ektor5[m]. It's getting pulled in as a dependency of pango-dev.20:40
flypigBut, I'm wondering about the qt options for cairo. I don't see anything like that here:
flypigI'm not sure what's supposed to be pulling in the QPainterPath header, but I'm going to do a check at any rate to see whether cairo-qt-surface.cpp is compiled as part of our build.20:51
flypigektor5[m], obvious questions, but I assume you're applying all the patches, following the buid script, including the options in mozconfig.merqtxulrunner?21:00
flypigThat includes the option "--enable-default-toolkit=cairo-qt"21:01
ektor5[m]<flypig> "That includes the option "--..." <- Yes, I confirm. You can also check here
flypigThanks for clarifying. I notice you're building ESR60, and I've been looking at ESR78, so there may be some differences there.21:33
flypigSorry, I hadn't appreciated. I should have checked your repository.21:33
flypigektor5[m], I've kicked off an ESR78 build to test whether cairo-qt-surface.cpp is used, but I won't be able to check for ESR60 until tomorrow I'm afraid.21:39

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