Thursday, 2022-12-01

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poetasterpiggz[m], this  the F(x)tec Pro┬╣-X rootfs was shown to successfully boot on a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2! is a neat trick with a knife!08:33
direc85[m]That *is* neat!08:59
nephroscool, that means I can order one now? ;)09:11
poetasterI always found the idea of 'folding' a phone slightly 'ewww'. my friend tuna has one. his kids use it to play fortnite ;->11:10
inzI hope he doesn't use it to play poker.11:16
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poetasterpiggz[m], before I start making tickets, if the browser on both GS5/GS290/volla get's the correct DPI, then the issue with scaling webviews can't be port related, can it?12:29
poetasterpiggz[m], I had tried adjusting /var/lib/environment/compositor/droid-hal-device.conf (QT_QPA_EGLFS_PHYSICAL_WIDTH, etc) values, but those are or no account12:30
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rubdos[m]Is there an easy way to temporarily disable screen blanking and locking?13:05
rubdos[m]Just from CLI would be okay13:05
malrubdos[m]: check mcetool13:24
maloptions -P and -v13:25
malin mce-tools package13:25
rubdos[m]thanks! That seems to be exactly what I was after :-)13:31
rubdos[m]Oh there's also an option to keep the screen on while charging13:34
rubdos[m]that's probably even better13:34
rubdos[m]I'm running some benchmarks via USB ...13:34
poetasterpiggz[m], I think it's not hardware/adaption after all:
poetasterpiggz[m], flypig mentioned that the calculation of pixelRatio might not work well on the vollas:
flypigpoetaster, I'm also a little concerned about why that value wasn't set in your ~/.cache/org.myorg/webview-screensize/.mozilla/prefs.js file.14:35
flypigIt might be worth you reverting your QML change to set the value, removing the ~/.cache/org.myorg/webview-screensize folder, and (crucially) also deleting the ~/.local/share/org.myorg/webview-screensize/__PREFS_WRITTEN__ file to see whether it gets generated properly on a fresh init.14:36
poetasteryeah, it's the same case in all apps that are using webview.14:36
flypigIt could be that this is the problem, rather than the algorithm generating the wrong value.14:37
poetasterah, sec.14:37
poetasterand right you are, it seems.14:39
poetasterah, perhaps this is residual config?14:39
flypigI'm not sure. It's a bit confusing, because the setting of the value wasn't a new change, so it would have to be quite an old config for it to be missing.14:41
poetasterHmmm. Well, I've been dragging the configs around since those apps were created, BUT, the more recent case of Tidings, where I just recently added a new webview, can't be residual. but has the same issue.14:43
poetasterAh, I noticed that the issue does not appear on volla using the same backup .config / .local but .cache is not coming ouf of backups14:44
poetasterflypig, that remove __PREFS_WRITTEN method works, in all cases tested (7 apps).14:50
flypigThe __PREFS_WRITTEN__ lock was added to avoid user-configured preferences from getting trashed each time the app was run, if I recall correctly.14:53
poetasterflypig, makes perfect sense. you also didn't have the setting in  ~/.cache/org.myorg/webview-screensize/.mozilla/prefs.js on the 10iii?14:54
flypigThe setting was there on my 10 III.14:55
flypigSorry, 10 II.14:56
poetasterah, neato. an ever more interesting array of issues. Ah, progress :)14:56
poetasterI had done a bunch of checks on changes from .64 -> .68 on the vollas and the only thing that stuck out was qtscenegraph which doesn't seem pertinent.14:58
poetasterIn any case, newly installing the same packages on a fresh .64 volla/gs290 leads to the prefs being written properly. On the fresh install of the GS5 with .72 the inits are not written correctly.14:59
poetasterflypig, I just checked the updated tidings on the x10ii and the setting was correctly set.15:05
flypigSo, only on .72 Volla the setting is skipped?15:05
flypigJust this setting, or the entire prefs.js file?15:06
poetastertricky question. I believe so, but it could have started as of .64 -> .68. I just noticed it when doing a clean install which on the gs5 starts with .72.15:09
poetasteron a parallel (my main device got wrecked) gs290 I saw the same issue, but that was an install .64 and upgrade, upgrade + re-install.15:10
flypigI'm confused, I must admit. I don't see why the device type would make a difference to these values being set and/or saved out.15:11
poetasterflypig, I think it must be residual config. I just checked the backup I used to recover my tidings values and the __PREFS_WRITTEN file is there.15:13
poetasterflypig, so that if I introduced the WebView after that, the setting would not have been updated, correct?15:13
flypigThe __PREFS_WRITTEN__ file is application-specific though, so a Tidings __PREFS_WRITTEN__ shouldn't affect a webview-screensize __PREFS_WRITTEN__, say.15:15
flypigBut what you describe could happen if you renamed the tidings folder in ~/.local/share to the webview-screensize folder in ~/.local/share. Is that possible (it would have had to be a very deliberate action, I think).15:17
poetasterflypig, obviously, but it's a general problem if __PREFS_WRITTEN is copied along with backups of .local/share application data (like sqlite files, &co)15:18
flypigAh, yes, that is true.15:18
poetasterI think it's just residual config. damn it.15:18
poetasterthat's great to know cause I can stop bothering you and piggz and figure out how to deal with it :)15:18
poetasterTHANKS! damn it.15:19
flypigOkay, this is good :) I feel your frustration at it being a config problem and not something more fundamental. But it's good to get to the bottom of it,15:20
flypigAnd it indicates something brittle... I'm not sure what the solution to that is, but it's worth knowing about.15:20
poetasterflypig, it's mostly an issue for apps that are QML only. There is no simple programmatic way to deal with this case. Not easy to guide the user through.15:21
flypigYes, that's tricky.15:22
poetasterbut no show stopper. once your orientation fix gets into the next release, which it will :)15:23
flypigI hope so :) And it's good that you found that orientation problem, that was nasty (from a user's point of view).15:23
poetasterWorse, since my initial discovery was while working with updated upstream code (the mahjong app) I initially filed a bug report in the wrong universe!15:25
poetasterflypig, did you go play yet (I'm working on more levels for stuff :)16:44
flypigOh, nice, I've not played it. I've played Osmos though (I'm not very good at it; maybe I'll be better with a touchscreen!).17:10
nephrospoetaster: balldrop doesn't seem to take any input on my 10iii, is that a kown issue?18:16
nephroslaunching it I get small dots floating, but cant draw lines or anything.18:17

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