Friday, 2022-12-02

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poetasternephros, hmmm. no.08:08
Jabatohi! just installed SFOS on my xperia XA2, i´m new on this, sorry about my english! i want to learn about this OS, really think it's interesting08:55
rubdos[m]Forum behaving weird for anyone else?12:51
rubdos[m]Jabato: welcome! :-)12:51
ViGerubdos[m]: define weird?12:56
rubdos[m]not loading, and ^F5 gives me ocsp errors12:57
rubdos[m]uh seems back now12:58
ViGeThe certificate was renewed today, it's probably somehow related to that12:59
rubdos[m]Most probably, yes13:00
rubdos[m]and then I'm probably on a network where OCSP stapling is somehow blocked.13:00
poetasterrubdos[m], forum seems ok?13:33
rubdos[m]Yeh, now it is okay...13:57
rubdos[m]strange, must've been my side13:57
poetasterpiggz[m], rinigus can one of you push a chum testing request. sorry about the stress.14:34
glitchapphi, I was wondering why is it taking so long to build many of the apps to arch6417:28
attahAs in why people doesn't, or why it takes long for you to do it?17:29
glitchappI wish I can do it, I tried to compile one of them and failed17:29
glitchappyes, why the main developers do not start building for 64bits17:30
attahBut they do?17:30
glitchappthere are many apps in openrepos that are not available yet for 64 bits17:30
poetasternot everyone has as much free time as I do :)17:30
attahIt's the ones that are not active that doesn't... for obvious reasons17:30
poetasterglitchapp, I started and maintain a wiki page here which lists apps that people have requested be updated:
poetasterglitchapp, register, add the apps to the list. I try to track down the source, make tickets, blah, blah.17:32
glitchappah yes thanks poetaster, I already read that list17:32
poetasterattah, did you get that upgrade to work?17:33
poetasterattah, and which tablet was it?17:34
attahpoetaster: work well enough... installed all packages from cache except the one that kept failing17:34
attahThe OG, Jolla Tablet17:34
glitchapppoetaster from that list I'm interested in love2d and there is one that is not in the list and I couldn't find for 64bits: qemu17:35
glitchappI wonder what performance can qemu on new mobile devices achieve, modern mobiles are almost as powerfull as laptops17:36
poetasterok, love2d is 2nd prio behind godot at the moment (there's a new 3.5.1 release from today).17:36
glitchappI know, I also read that post17:36
glitchappI hope it happens17:37
glitchappI checked the list and didn't see qemu there so I think it is worth adding it17:38
poetasterglitchapp, I'm testing 3.5 ... there are issues on some ports. love2d is probably easier to build than godot. did you have a look at the repos on github from savegame (sashikknox)17:38
glitchapppoetaster, yes I compiled love2d for my pc without problems but did not managed to compile it for arch6417:39
glitchappI can't remember what the error was when trying to compile17:39
glitchappI can understand that godot has priority, it is a much more mature and powerful, but there are still very nice games for love2d17:42
poetasteryeah, it's also lua and not gdscript. but I'm concentrating on godot at the moment.17:45
poetasterand qt/qml for that matter.17:45
glitchappyou mean you are developing on godot with lua?17:47
glitchappI wonder how hard is to port a game in love2d to godot when using lua17:48
poetasterno, I meant that love is interesting because of lua. godot I'm only screwing about with gdscript17:49
poetasterit's fun.17:50
glitchappah right, I've never tried godot yet, I'm very interesting but as a hobby developer seems like it has a hard learning curve for me17:50
glitchappinterested I meant sorry17:50
poetasternah, godot is relatively forgiving. one of the projects I pushed to openrepos is an extension of a very nice intro to programming godot.17:51
glitchappoh, how is it called? I'm searching on your github by the way :)17:52
poetastermy enlarged (3 levels, blah) based on the tutorial at:
glitchappah I have flappy bird installed in my mobile, is it yours? cool!17:53
poetasterI only watched the first 1 or 2 videos, but he does really clean design.17:53
poetasterno, I just took if from a one stage demo to a 3 stage demo :)17:53
glitchappcool anyway!17:53
poetasterwait till I get the alien invader levels finished :)17:53
glitchappoh cool17:54
poetasterI posted 3 differnet kinds of projects to openrepos. all of them include nifty submodules for touch interface handling and are actually meant to get other people looking at godot.17:55
glitchappI see, someday I may try to do the jump from lua and love to godot17:55
poetasterwell, since sashikknox has a harbour compatible (working for me) 3.5.1 godot done, it might happen faster than you link that love shows up:)18:00
glitchappThat would be great!18:01
poetasterglitchapp, do you have a license and android schnick schnak for SFOS?18:02
glitchappno, I installed an unofficial port without android18:03
poetasterglitchapp, which one?18:03
glitchappxperia xz318:03
piggzpoetaster: everything approved18:03
glitchappand I think it is the last one available from xda developers.. I think it is 4.318:03
poetasterpiggz, thanks! you got wind that none of the WebView stuff was port specific?18:04
poetasterglitchapp, I think that's rinigus here?18:04
glitchapprinigus? the developer of puremaps?18:05
glitchappah, is he also the developer of the port?18:06
poetasterI think waydroid runs on it and you might be able to run the android version of love2d on it.18:06
glitchapphonestly, I really don't want to have android compatibility on it, I have almost everything I want with sailfish native apps, specially with puremaps which is fantastic18:07
poetasterglitchapp, ditto.18:07
poetasterpiggz, you had said that godot 3.5.1 binaries were running on your volla 22?18:08
poetasterI have some 3d platformer tests with 3.5.1 that I can get to run on the 10ii but not on the vollas. I must try again.18:09
piggzpoetaster: no, i didnt catch the webview stuff yet18:34
piggzpoetaster: no, it was the test apps that were running i think18:34
glitchappI must go, nice evening everybody18:38
poetasterpiggz, webview, was all residual config. tricky, but not your problem20:36
poetasterpiggz, I'll build a test app tomorrow.20:36
jules[m]Hi,... (full message at <>)22:31
malit should be there, run "pkcon refresh" first22:34
jules[m]Yes it s better with a refresh before23:01

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