Saturday, 2022-12-03

glitchapphi! I would like to make a suggestion in case anyone has the skills to build an excellent framework for Sailfish:
glitchappon top of that, porting games from love2d to it is relativelly easy15:45
poetasterglitchapp: On Linux, LÖVR needs to run within the Steam Runtime. To do this, first install Steam. Next, install the Steam udev rules. Then, run LÖVR within the Steam runtime:16:59
Thaodanpoetaster: Why that? Mario0 uses that runtime for example and runs without.20:57
malThaodan: build guide for that says so, not sure why if it works without it?21:27
poetasterThaodan, I was just reading the build instructions. But I hadn't gotten that far.21:54
poetasterdebugging godot. and makining silly web apps on the side.21:55
malpoetaster: how is godot debugging going? still the same issue?22:05
piggzpoetaster: any chance of a build with the changes we suggested?22:07
poetastermal, nah, it's gotten more complicated because sash is dealing with harbour. ie. removing libudev.22:10
poetasterpiggz, but I think I've still failed to communicate what we'd like. probably better off doing a PR ... waiting to resolve the patchelf issue.22:11
piggzpoetaster: not that i think its a good idea, but you can bypass harbour restrictions with dlopen :D22:12
poetasterpiggz, yeah, that's not the point. sash is doing backflips to get godot 3.5.1 harbour conforming, so I'll try to help there first.22:19
piggzsounds like a lot of good work22:20
poetasterpiggz, the issue with disabling CAN_DEBUG I'm afraid I've just communicated in such a verbose way that he's not even aware what it was we wanted in the first place.22:20
poetasterpiggz, he's 'almost done'. it's great giving the restrictions he's working with.22:21
piggzpoetaster: where could I comment22:21
poetastera terse verse from you at: might do it :)22:21
poetasterI'm so fucking verbose.22:21
poetasterah, and there is the slight flake element.22:22
poetasterwhen you can't work in one env, hack about in another:

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