Sunday, 2022-12-04

Solrac[m]<poetaster> "a terse verse from you at: https..." <- is this the editor? :o00:48
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poetasterpiggz, got a number of out-of-date (version installed) packages that don't want to update. any idea why?16:02
piggzpoetaster: doesnt zypper tell you16:04
poetasterit just says: The following 9 package updates will NOT be installed:16:04
poetasterand the info on those shows there older.16:04
poetaster libhybris libhybris-libEGL libhybris-libGLESv2 libhybris-libhardware libhybris-libsf libhybris-libsync libhybris-libwayland-egl libhybris-tests-upstream16:05
poetasterI could force it, I guess.16:05
piggzpossible a vendor change? what does dup do?16:05
poetasterwants to do silly things, but nothing wiht those packages I just pasted.16:08
poetasterbe right back.16:08
poetasterthis is the GS516:08
poetasterhmmm. well, zypper lu says nothing to do. hmmm.16:16
poetasterpiggz, was the GS5 your first halium?17:01
piggzpoetaster: simulateneous with pro1x17:03
poetasterpiggz, ah, ok. was the move on the pro1x an improvement?17:03
poetasterI don't know shit abou hadk & halium, just curious about the motivation.17:04
Thaodanpoetaster: Halium uses a generic system image, doing so allows of one droid-system package per android version, which in turn allows for easier packaging.17:07
ThaodanThis is especially helpful as porters don't need to built droid-system and users don't have to flash android for lineage os ports.17:08
Thaodan(in case /system is packaged as droid-system)17:08
piggz^^ what Thaodan said :)17:08
piggzusually, porting involves cloning the device repos, patching, long building etc, then working on the config...17:09
piggzwith halium, its mostly all just the config, and the kernel17:09
piggzive made generic halium images available for all17:09
ThaodanFrom the pov as a Jolla person I see a benefit into that since you could upgrade ports easier. The building isn't much on an issue if you use the droid-src style of packaging. However you have to build per device still.17:10
ThaodanAlso since ca A10 you don't build the kernel in tree in aosp, building the kernel externally is already done so to say.17:11
poetasterCool. Ok. need to do some reading.17:11
poetasterwhen I stop tripping on old break beat mods I made in the 90s :)17:11
poetasteroh well, someone's gotta get stuck in userland :)17:13
direc85[m]<Thaodan> "From the pov as a Jolla person I..." <- You had me at "upgrade ports easier"17:20
poetasterah, so the compositor is distribution and not halium hmmm.17:21
poetasterI find upgrading is not the problem. it's what comes after :)17:24
direc85[m]Would halium help with using newer AOSP binaries?19:36
Thaodanthey are not aosp btw20:50
Thaodanaosp does not have blobs.20:50
ThaodanI assume you mean vendor blobs20:50
piggz_i wondered what was meant too ... for vendor blobs, you still use them from the vendor partitions, the halium system alllows mounting that from a few locations, eg, either a partition, or a loop mount21:55
direc85[m]<Thaodan> "I assume you mean vendor blobs" <- Yes. I may use wrong terms, since I have never done any adaptation work.22:18
UmeaboyHi! The WiFi on my Motorola G3 from 2015 was working before I updated to and now it's not. I have rebooted the device, but it still fails to even show connections.23:57
UmeaboyWhat to do?23:57
UmeaboyI know that it is older than the latest release, but the XDA thread still says to use a much older release for Osprey.23:58
UmeaboyHow many versions can one skip to update to the latest?23:58
UmeaboyI tried to jump from v3.2.0.12 to v4.4.0.72, but that failed with many retries.23:59

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