Monday, 2022-12-05

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direc85[m]I'm afraid every 4 version is a stop release, so 4.0, then 4.1, 4.2, 4.3 and 4.4.07:04
direc85[m]I think it's possible to have an Internet connection via USB from your computer, but it requires a bumch of routing commands on both the computer and device side. I've never done myself...07:07
poetasterpiggz[m], turns out the 800% cpu utilization jumps were the 'automatic' brightness adjustment. was driving me nuts since it made ssh sessions almost impossible.22:37
poetasterturn off adjust brightness automatically and it behaves.22:38
poetasterah, I'm wrong. I should really not be doing this after 11 pm.22:43
poetasterBUT, the ssh lagginess is not as it was and it does seem 'better' but the bars are still jumping.22:44

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