Tuesday, 2022-12-06

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attahhas the 4.4 updates fallen off the server somehow?17:48
attahFirst my tablet failed to see it, and then failed to update too... now my XA2 can't find 4.4 either17:48
direc85[m]I updated my XA2 to 4.4 some days back, it worked back then... Likely something wonky on the servers.17:56
poetasterssu lr ?18:11
attahLooks very 4.3... anything in particular i should be looking at?18:15
poetasterI don't get it. were you doing this in the interfaces or: ssu re
poetasterand - ssu ur - of course.18:24
attahIn the GUI18:25
poetasterso, what happens if you do 'ssu re' and 'ssu ur' and 'zypper ref' and 'zypper dup'?18:27
poetasterthat's what I did on my xperia 10ii 4.3 -> 4.64 although I think the last update I did through the ui.18:28
* attah is a rebel and does version --dup instead18:28
attah...seems to work18:28
poetasterpiggz[m], what did you do to ofono. is this the correct place to report the broken adaptation foo: https://github.com/HelloVolla/droid-config-yggdrasil18:32
piggz[m]poetaster what do you mean what did i do?22:06
poetasterpiggz[m], something changed, .68 -> .72 where the ofono stuff is concerned. there is so much back and forth between chum and meego, I have no idea how to debug it.22:49
poetasterat the moment, on the gs290, I've resorted to locking the package. At the moment I'm lacking gs290/vollas (broke one, gave one away). so it'll take some time.22:51
poetasterthis:   ofono-ril-binder-plugin ofono-ril-plugin22:52
poetasterneeded to be done manually. I did nothing on that phone but the correct ssu/zypper chain. rebooting between dups.22:53
poetasteri recorded the screen session of the updates, but I doubt that helps.23:02
poetasterThe first 20 lines are probably enough.23:06

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