Saturday, 2022-12-10

rdrhey ppl, how we enjoying Sailfish in 2k22?02:18
rdri broke my Xperia X and went back into the wilderness of Android and iOS a couple years ago02:19
rdrI'm thinking of selling my iPhone 13 Mini and getting an Xperia 10 IV and waiting for support02:21
rdrbut it's not usually a good idea to buy something based on what it will be in the future02:32
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direc85[m]X10III is quite solid with SFOS, X10II is perhaps even more solid. There's no word about X10IV yet, but there was a sale and I now have one :)... SFOS has taken nice steps forward this whole time, nothing super groundbreaking, just every release is noticably better than previous :)18:40
x2suh, I need the announcement first... I can't commit 350 EUR to let it sit and wait...18:52
rdrdirec85[m]: thanks for the input, same with x2s.  I'll look into an open box III, it's really hard to find used devices.  Only ebay listings I see are from Japan20:45
rdri'm from Canada, I'm guessing the prohibition on buying SFOS outside EU/UK is a licensing issue20:46
rdrooh open box white IV for $399.99CAD20:51
rdri like white phones, always wanted one since when iphones had the white fronts.  unfortunately no more fronts with white bezels, i guess it was thought to be ugly and drew attention to the bezels20:52
x2srdr: I want a blue one. But hard to find and most of the time more expensive for some reason...21:23
rdryeah they had the white one on this website for $50 cheaper than the other models21:37
rdri guess someone bought it and didn't like it?21:37
rdrbecause now it's "open box" and $100 off the regular price21:37
rdrmaybe i'll wait until SFOS is actually on it before buying one, but maybe they'll be harder to find21:37
rdrI'm guessing my carrier settings would not be included since i'm *whispers* outside europe* but they're pretty standard gsm settings and should work i think21:39
rdrmy main issue would be giving up creature comforts like i'm guessing a lot of cloud storage, paying with my phone, and possibly my banking app21:40
nephrosrdr: there's a 10iii for sale on the Forum right now.22:51
nephrosfrom France though23:08
rdrohhh okay thanks nephros23:20

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