Friday, 2022-12-09

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direc85[m]And my X10III rebooted itself right in front of me, uptime of, uh, 12.5 days, give or take a few hours I think09:20
direc85[m]Well, now the persistent journal is in effect :)09:21
direc85[m]Also, trace_printk() (:09:21
x2sMy X does that sometimes, too.09:22
x2sBut nothing in the logs about it :|09:22
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ThaodanHey piggz or rinigus please mention that user should contact you at #sailfishos on _OFTC_ in
rinigusThaodan: done15:39
Zhiz0idHey, hello!16:38
Zhiz0idimport Nemo.FileManager 1.0 is not allowed by harbour validator, what should I use instead? I'm not able to ship it with my package either :/16:39
poetasterZhiz0id, where were you using FileManger. Just in QML?17:19
poetasterFor a file chooser, import Sailfish.Pickers17:21
Zhiz0idFileInfo in use in my case17:21
poetasterso, not user driven?17:22
Zhiz0idWhat do you mean?17:23
Zhiz0idI'm about this one
poetasterPickers makes sense when you want to present an interface.17:24
Zhiz0idyeah, I've an interface very similar with sailfish-office, it shows files (djvu in my case), so a user is able to choose any file to view17:25
poetasterok, for choosing files, Sailfish.Pickers.17:25
Zhiz0idactually I just took code from from nemo filemanager for FileInfo, but I thought there might be something provided by Sailfish OS instead17:26
Zhiz0idI'll check, thanks!17:26
poetasterAh. I see. If I think of something ....17:26
poetastermost of the time I use python.17:26
Zhiz0idbtw thanks for your software, I'm Tidings user :)17:30
poetasteryeah! now to fix atom feeds :017:33
poetasterI'm actually working on audio file export foo at the moment, but as I say, it's all in python.17:33
Zhiz0idI've seen your new apps in the store. Congratulations!17:42
poetasterAh, now I just have to fix audioworks so you can feed basoontracker ;) And of course figure out a way to get touch input into the smallest inputs :-(18:04

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