Thursday, 2022-12-08

Zhiz0idHey, hello!08:44
Zhiz0idHow long it takes to test and approve an app in harbour?08:44
flypigZhiz0id, we had this question raised in a previous community meeting. See point 4 here:
flypigZhiz0id, hopefully that gives you an idea.08:51
Zhiz0idflypig: thanks a lot!08:53
Zhiz0idSee ya, bb.08:58
x2stoday is national warning day in Germany. I wonder how many times my X will crash ;)09:14
flypigWhat is national warning day?09:28
x2sflypig: they are testing our warning equipment nation wide.09:50
x2sLast time they tried it failed spectecularly :D09:51
flypigx2s, that's interesting. Would you be able to collect logs?09:51
x2sThe plan was to do this every year around the same time. But after the first test they had to repair the infrastructure for years first...09:51
x2sI have systemd with permanent storage running09:52
flypigWow. I guess this is the difficulty with rarely used infrastructure... and also shows the importance of testing it occasionally.09:52
x2sBut I'm pretty sure that my X can't receive the cell broadcast messages09:52
x2sThe infrastructure wasn't just rarly used, but also underfunded and partially already removed09:54
x2sin 5 minutes the cell broadcast should start09:55
flypigx2s, obviously no obligation here, but if you are able to collect logs, it would be helpful. There's advice here:09:57
flypig(especially about activating persistent logging)09:57
x2sI have systemctl -f running in the background to watch if something happens09:59
flypigGreat! Let us know what happens.10:01
x2swell, others got the cell broadcast (not sfos users, and in different cells). Nothing here.10:05
ViGex2s: which sfos version are you on?10:06
direc85[m]SAMK (a Finnish uni) used to be a mobile operator, for educational purposes. I wonder if they can send the broadcasts, too...10:11
direc85[m](They had like five cell phones registered at a time or something like that)10:11
ViGeWell, that should be recent enough10:25
x2s there's a whole threat about it :)10:32
ViGeYup. Some people received the broadcasts, quite many didn't.10:34
x2sViGe: I have no option to configure cell broadcasts at all10:51
x2sthere should be one, if it is supported10:51
ViGeI don't think we have such an option11:08
nephrosHi, anyone have a tip how to open a new email in the mail app with To: and Subject: prefilled, *and* some attachments added?15:20
nephrosI can do the attachments with Sailfish.Share but not address.15:21
nephrosI can do address and things with mailto: but no attachments.15:21
poetastersfos muzak:
*** Venemo_ is now known as Venemo19:50
direc85[m]My X10III just froze screen-wise; SSH over USB still works and fingerprint reader buzzes. What logs should I collect?21:31
direc85[m]How to restart home screen from command line? Asking for a friend.21:32
direc85[m]Failed units are dev-mtp, create-home and lxc (never checked failed units before)21:32
direc85[m]dmesg reveals nothing21:32
direc85[m]No OOM activity21:33
direc85[m]ohhh, lipstick uses 100% CPU21:33
direc85[m]*one core21:34
direc85[m]Uptime was 12 days and ~15 minutes at the time of the incident21:35
direc85[m]Ended up sending SIGHUP to lipstick, I have the device under control again.21:43
direc85[m] /proc/meminfo didn't reveal anything suspicious, compared before and after.21:44
malgrab journalctl21:45
malmaybe with journalctl -b --no-pager and select the part starting after you noticed the issue, and maybe a bit earlier21:45
direc85[m]It rolled over 23:40 :(21:46
maldid it contain anything from before you killed lipstick?21:58
direc85[m]No, it was ~10 minutes too late. Well, I'm finished for the "day" anyway, so the persistent storage will be ready the next time :)22:32
direc85[m]It seems to correlate with long-ish uptime, as I strive not to reboot my phone to see how/when it breaks.22:33
direc85[m]Android phones tend to remind about reboot every 10 days, so there's that.22:33
direc85[m]Oh. There's some serious lag with notifications now. I'll see if I can repro that.22:34
direc85[m]Nope, the next message came through just nicely...22:35

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