Tuesday, 2022-12-13

direc85[m]Oo! I'm seeing multiple "fix build with qt6" merge requests over there!08:15
piggzdirec85[m]: i wouldnt get excited, thats neochapay and he uses those packages in nemo09:53
direc85[m]Yeah I noticed that, but still it's nice to see Qt6 fixes pop up :)09:54
poetasterI'll get excited when I move from MAKING bug reports to fixing em <:-(10:56
poetasterpiggz, you're using the fxtec pro as daily, or?10:57
piggzpoetaster: i am10:57
poetasterI'm thinking of getting one. keyboard. your take?10:58
piggzits a totally good phone.  i do need to update my android side as ive had some signal stability issues, and i think others have too10:59
poetasterah, cool. It's a bit freeky, but I need a keyboard. to make demoscene mods ;)11:09
piggzpoetaster: ask other on discord https://discord.com/channels/604479731156385792/60455160553852111811:11
poetasterpiggz, the battery drain issue on the GS5, how should I debug? obviously some logging, but ...?11:12
piggzerm, not sure ... i should probably make it my daily for a bit ... its just a pain to transfer my waydroid session between phones! :D11:12
poetasteryeah, get that. I'm going to have to do waydroid at some point. fucking whatsapp mafia.11:13
poetasterdirec85[m], fix signal!11:14
poetaster(ducks and runs)11:14
poetasterpiggz, it seems like the cpu spiking  is related to input checks on sleep, but it's constant whether sleeping or not. I thought I'd start by trying to log what's going on when it's sleeping.11:16
piggzmaybe it could be some vendor service that could be disabled11:16

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