Friday, 2022-12-16

cshardHi! A recent Pine64 announcement mentioned that the latest version of SailfishOS is doing really good on the Pinephone / Pinephone Pro and I was wondering where I can find it to try it out? The Pinephone builds I keep finding seem pretty old.20:38
malpiggz[m]: ^20:52
piggzcshard: thats my port, and im happy to help out21:10
piggzBoot from jumpdrive, then use our script to flash the emmc
cshardpiggz, neat! I haven't tried Jumpdrive yet, I got the Pinephone Pro with Tow-Boot. Is that going to conflict?21:55
piggzcshard: PPP is different ... i havnt yet got the sound to work in calls there just yet22:36
piggzcshard: for the PPP, ive been booting from an SD caard with towboot, so you can do it that way22:36
cshardpiggz, alright, so I pull the image as described in, write it on an SD card and then boot it22:40
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